The ABC’s For An Awesome Day

Set yourself up for an awesome day today by following these simple steps…

A – Ask for what you want. Find your voice and use it. Most of us flunked mind reading so it helps immensely when you are clear on what you want and ask for it.

B – Be kind to others. Smile, say hello, and open doors for other people. One polite gesture like that can turn someone’s day completely around for them.

C – Celebrate your wins for the day. Recognize, appreciate, and give yourself a pat on the back if you want to for all of the wins and good things that happen in your day.

D – Dance if you can! I can’t dance for anything but there is nothing that can change my mood faster than moving to a favorite song. Sure, the dog looks at me funny when I am doing it but eventually she will start prancing around too!

E – Exercise! Get out for a walk, go to the gym, or go the run. Get your heart rate up, get those endorphins flowing, and clear your head. There is nothing like a good workout so reset your mood if your day is going less than stellar.

F – Forgive… Life is too short to walk around carrying 1000’s of grudges and resentments. Forgive others but also remember to forgive yourself if needed.

G – Gratitude! Practice gratitude, write out a list or just work through it in your mind. It is impossible to feel gratitude and lack (or any other negative feeling) at the same time.

H – Hydrate… Seriously… drink your water! Our brains and our bodies work so much better when we consume an adequate amount of water.

I – Inspire others. If you are good at something and can help others then do it. Lead by example and inspire others to learn, to grow, expand their lives, or reach beyond their personal comfort zones.

J – Journal. Write in your journal or start one. Use it to sort out your priorities for the day or the week but to also write out your goals and your vision for your life.

K – Keep Going! Persistence and consistency always pay off. Don’t choose today to slack off on achieving your goals… keep going.

L – Learn something new. Take the time to learn something new or to learn more about your favorite subject. ABL – Always Be Learning!

M – Meditate. Take some time to sit quietly and to silence the monkeys in your mind.

N – Notice your surroundings. Pay attention to your environment, see and notice the things that you might usually overlook, especially in nature.

O – Organize. Clear the clutter from your life. Clean off your desk or clean out a closet. Eliminating clutter can have a very calming effect on your day.

P – Practice. Practice. Practice. If you want to get good at or master something, then spend the time practicing.

Q – Quit whining, complaining, and focusing on the negative aspects of your life. Go back to letter G and practice gratitude.

R – Roll with it. Relax and take life as it comes… fighting the tide of the day will get you nowhere and ultimately leave you exhausted.

S – Stop procrastinating and start doing!

T – Take responsibility for your actions, own your mistakes and apologize if necessary.

U – Understand others. Take the time to consider another persons point of view or ideas before making judgments or decisions.

V – Visualize. Get clear on your life’s vision and your goals and set up a plan of action for achieving them.

X – Examine your thoughts. Watch the thoughts that you hold are they predominately negative or are they positive? If they are the former, work to turn that ratio around.

Z – Zero in on what you want for the day and the results that you would like to see at the end of the day. Don’t float through the day wasting it without a plan or specific outcomes in mind.

This was a fun project to write but it was a challenge as well. Give each of these a try and I can guarantee that you will have an awesome day!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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