The Boiling Frog And Momentum

the boiling frog and momentumAs Newton’s first law implies, a body in motion will stay in motion. To illustrate that point, I like to tell the story of the boiling frog and momentum and how the two relate to each other.

A state of momentum is place of being that I strive to move all of my clients into regardless of their particular goals or ambitions. Simply put, to I do everything that I can to leverage my clients into taking action, and after taking a particular step, to then take another, and so on; to build momentum and to keep going.

And momentum is a funny thing… I like to think of it almost akin to physical endurance as it is something that builds up over time. And that momentum can build up to such a degree that you are virtually unstoppable.

When I think of momentum in my life, I reflect on when I was in my late 20’s and working on my undergraduate degree. The momentum that I had in my life back then I do not believe has ever been matched again to this day. My daughter was a toddler and I had her as a single parent most of the time, I was going to school full time, I was working full time and then some in a demanding career, all the while still running and racing.

To this day, I cannot fathom how I did it all. Glad that I did… but I still don’t see how I pulled it all off! Sure, my youth played a huge part but it was also the momentum that I had and how I had built up to it all.

The Boiling Frog And Momentum

This is where the boiling frog and momentum comes into play. They say that if you put a frog in boiling pot of water that he will just jump right out. But if you put a frog into a cool pot of water and then heat it up to boiling the frog will stay in there, unaware of the rising heat. In this example, you are the frog and momentum is the water that is gradually heating up.

Back when I was doing all of that in my 20’s I did not just start out full bore like that. No, it was a gradual process. It took time for me to work up to taking a full load of classes or more and to integrate that into my life but once I worked up to it, that was my new normal and I just ran with it. I was not just surviving my life then either… on the contrary, I was thriving.

Regardless of how fast any car can go from zero to sixty, it still must go through ten, twenty, thirty, forty, and fifty miles per hour, and it is the same with building momentum. Everyone must go through stages of paces if you will to get to his or her optimum speed. Zero to sixty is never an instant or binary shift… it takes time.

Another example of the boiling frog and momentum if you will is this Blog. It was a huge stretch for me in the beginning to write something every day and post it, a huge stretch and a great challenge. But after a few months, writing 500-700 words every morning became my “new normal” and just a part of my every day life, to such a degree that if I were to miss a day I would feel as if the day were lacking something or incomplete. 17 months ago, having a catalog of over 430 separate Blog articles seemed like quite the improbable number, but today, that is what it is.

And because of the momentum that I have built around this Blog, it, my writing, and even myself are now all unstoppable. It all now has a life, a direction, and a force all of its own.

Take the time to build momentum in your life and be prepared to be patient during the process. Do a little more each day or each week while picking up speed as you go. It might get a little uncomfortable at times as you take on more and more but you and your life will adapt to it. Even if you increase your momentum by just 1% everyday, you will see amazing results.

Don’t forget the boiling frog and momentum… you can and will get there yourself. Just keep going!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten – 20 July 2007

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