The Difference Between Winning And Finishing

the difference between winning and finishingFor most of my running “career” I have been content with just participating in races and just finishing the things but over the past three years I have learned the difference between winning and finishing and that has changed everything for me.

Let me start by saying first of all that I never plan on straight up winning a race ever. Not that it couldn’t happen if I “cherry picked” the right race, but on the eve of 48 years old it’s just not likely.

Yet over the past three years, I have won or placed well in my age group at varying distances, the Marathon, 50 Miles, and even 100 Miles and even in shorter races like the 5K. I might be a little faster and maybe a little stronger but the greatest change has just been in my mindset altogether when it comes to how I approach training and in how I execute or run each individual race.

I have “run” many races in my life, too many to count, but it hasn’t been until recently that I have began to “race” races and to put it all out there. Before I would just run and muddle through while being rather comfortable the entire distance… now, I race as if I actually do have a chance of winning. Now I understand that in order to perform at my best, I have to find a manageable level of discomfort, commit to being in that discomfort, and hold on the best I can until I cross the finish line.

As I have said… I will more than likely never win a race but now I understand racing. I get the difference between winning and finishing – and what it takes me to perform at my absolute best. I train with the intent of winning and I race with that same intent as well.

The Difference Between Winning And Finishing

I am only using running as an example here but the principles as it applies to life are the same. In life, do you want to come first, or are you content not to come last? Do you want to be great, or are you content to be just average?

Are you willing to give and do your best and to be “in it to win it” regardless of your chosen goals or endeavor? You can always give and do more than you think you can especially if you set your mind to it and you are willing to be a little “uncomfortable” along the way.

If you believe you can win and you make winning your goal you give yourself a chance of winning; you just have to commit to that. If you are content with “just finishing” then well… you have probably already lost, or at least completely taken yourself out of “the race.”

Today, I urge you win instead of muddling through or just enduring the day in order to finish it. Never be satisfied with “just getting through” when  you always have a chance at finding yourself on the podium with the other winners.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Claudia Kirby 29 August 2015


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