The Dilemma Of Balance

The Dilemma Of BalanceBalance is important, it’s what allows us to walk, ride a bike or basically function without falling over all of the time. But when we discuss balance as it relates to life there are sometimes disagreements.

The dilemma of balance when it comes to having balance our lives really is not a dilemma as there are really two ways to look at it.

As a life coach, I strive to help my clients find balance in their lives. What that means, and what that looks like is that their lives are not lopsided and their personal lives, professional lives, and all other aspects of their lives are equally demanding but also equally rewarding.

In other words, it doesn’t do a lot of good if your job is super-awesome, and you are making tons of money if your relationship is in the crapper, your kids hate you, you don’t have any free time, and your health is such that you are one cheeseburger from a heart attack which sends you to the emergency room. This is an extreme example but you get the point, balance is important.

Some people don’t view having life in balance as a good thing and their perspective is just as valid but this is what causes the dilemma of balance or the misunderstanding of balance. Let me explain…

Imagine a rod balancing on a fulcrum and sitting motionless. It is in balance, sure, but as it sits in balance, it is by definition, motionless. It is like when you were a kid playing on the see-saw… as long as both of you are continually redistributing weight, the both of you and the see-saw as well, stays in motion, there is action and there is movement. But when you stop redistributing that weight and bring the plank into balance, well, nothing is happening… you are just sitting there… motionless. It’s not fun anymore!

So there are really two kinds of balance when it comes to life. The first kind is truly desirable as it means that all of the important areas in life are equally weighted, equally supported, and equally rewarding. The second type of balance is still desirable but probably not all of the time because if your life is constantly in that state of balance it is static, not moving, and lacking action.

Avoid the dilemma of balance in your life by understanding the differences between the two types of balances. Strive for the first kind always, and use the second type sparingly and only when needed in order to always be in motion and moving forward.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 01 June 2007

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