The Dirty Little Secret About Goals

dirty little secret about goalsGoals are my business. I talk about them, I write about them, and I help my clients define, pursue, and achieve them. However, there is a dirty little secret about goals that I rarely point out…

The Dirty Little Secret About Goals

Your goals do not matter or to be more accurate, achieving or reaching your goals isn’t all that important in life. You can achieve every goal that you set for yourself in life and still be a failure, and likewise, you could fail at reaching every goal that you have set and be a huge success… and THAT is the dirty little secret about goals.

It isn’t getting that new job, buying the new house or car, or finding that perfect relationship partner that is important. It is what happens to you when you are in the process of pursuing those goals that’s important. It is the changes that you experience, and the lessons that learn along the way that really matter. That is where the true success in goal setting comes from.

Think about it… you can set 100 goals, big ones, little ones; it doesn’t matter, and let’s say that you reach every single one of them but in the process, you do not grow, you don’t learn anything or get to experience anything new. Now, does that seem like success if you really look at it?

In other words, it isn’t the finish line that is important – it’s the race leading up to the finishing line. It isn’t the race itself but the months of training before where you learn, endure challenges, adapt, grow, and evolve.

When it comes to goals, it is truly more about the journey rather than the destination.

There is a reason that my tagline is “Growth through Goal Setting.” My focus is as much on my client’s personal development as much as it is on their achieving their goals. As a coach, I do not get nearly as excited about my clients getting the stuff the want as much as I get excited about what they learn and pick up as they work towards their goals.

What excites me and what I like to witness is when a client learns and takes away important lessons from our sessions, and how he or she grows in the process. Or even more exciting is when I get an update during the week of a client’s win or success or how they applied what they have learned and how that worked out for them in positive way.

So there  you have it… the dirty little secret about goals. You can reach every goal in life and still be a failure, or you can fail at every goal and be the greatest success ever. It isn’t if you get “the stuff” or not that matters, but what you gain along the way that is the most important.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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