The Greatest Enemy Of Your Self Confidence

The Greatest Enemy Of Your Self ConfidenceThe greatest enemy of your self confidence isn’t that you simply lack self confidence. And though it might be partly because of negative messages that people have given you in the past, that is not all it either…

The Greatest Enemy Of Your Self Confidence

So what is the greatest enemy of your self confidence then?

I will tell you…

The greatest enemy of your self confidence is simply comparing yourself to others. When you look at what others have done compared to your accomplishments (or lack of) and then you begin to feel less than.

But here is the deal… typically when we compare ourselves to others we are comparing ourselves mostly to an image and thanks to social media, these days, that is so easy to do. You see your friends and their families on vacations in sunny, tropical locations and everyone looks so damned happy… you think that so-and-so must really have it make and have an awesome life compared to yours… but do they? Do you know what is really going on in the background… you are comparing yourself to an image… and probably a well-crafted one at that.

When I started my life coaching business, and took the leap and committed to writing my Blog and creating content everyday I admit, I was truly scared. I had zero self-confidence about not only my writing but also in presenting myself as an authority on anything; especially if I compared myself to other BIGGER and more successful blogs that I had been around for some time.

Comparing my content to others whom I perceived as more successful crushed my self confidence… Thankfully, I started anyway and now I have a collection of 518 separate articles that I have written and a pretty big and successful Blog myself that not only helps people daily as I write each article but even the ones I wrote well over a year ago are still popular everyday and having an impact.

The greatest enemy of your self confidence is focusing too heavily on what others are doing or have done and comparing yourself to them. And if that is all that you ever do it can have a crippling effect and potentially keep you from ever starting anything.

This is a discussion that I had with a client that past week even. She wants to create her own business. She’s very bright and passionate about what she wants to do but she has yet to “start” on anything to create a business… find a client… any of that. You can probably guess what has kept her from taking action… yup… she’s comparing herself to others in that field who have years of experience and when she does that she isn’t even giving herself a chance to start her business much less succeed at it. (We will be working on that for sure.)

Don’t compare yourself to others or their specific results… Stay in your own lane, focus on your thing, be and do your best. You can’t succeed by copying someone else’s work or mimicking their path. Develop and foster your own self-confidence and epic-ness not by comparing yourself to others but comparing yourself to where you were yesterday or the day before instead.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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