The Perfect Photograph

the perfect photographAs a teenager and through my 20’s my goal as a photographer was to take the perfect photograph. I can’t tell you how much film (yes film) that I burned during that decade but I never did capture the perfect photograph that I was looking for.

The Perfect Photograph

The perfect photograph – I really can’t explain what it was exactly that I was searching for. If I had to put it into words, it would have been a photo that fully and completely captured all there is to life. The result being a simple print that illustrated “all of it” and whoever saw it would “get it.”

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I guess that I was seeking the picture that was worth a million words instead.

It was not a quest for fame or fortune or notoriety of any sort. For me it was more about being able to create something that would inspire, motivate, educate, and ultimately affect not only the consciousness of whoever saw it but in a weird way to also raise the consciousness of the entire world.

So, why am I rambling on about the perfect photograph that I never found and the shot that I never took?

Maybe it is because I am still searching… but I am doing it in a different way now.

I never took the perfect photograph, though I had some published… Just as I have yet to write the perfect Blog article. And for me the perfect Blog article (or book) would have the same exact impact as the perfect photograph.

What I am looking for has not changed. What I am trying to do and trying to communicate has not changed… only the medium in which I am trying to do it has changed.

I was a photographer because back then because I was seeking something, and I am a writer now for the very same reasons…

I do not sit down at my desk to put into verse something that is already clear in my mind. If it were clear in my mind, I should have no incentive or need to write about it… We do not write in order to be understood; we write in order to understand.C. Day Lewis – The Poetic Image

Perfection is hard to find, whatever your endeavor is. It may even be a life-long pursuit that has you chasing a summit that you might not ever reach.

Just keep seeking it!

Keep looking for it. Keep chasing it!

For me, once it was the perfect photograph, now it is the perfect collection and arrangement of words… but ultimately I think what I have always been seeking is the truth to life and I am going to keep writing until I find it.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten October 2000

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