The Power Of Consistency

Yesterday marked a great milestone for me as I published my 200th blog article on the Tri Peaks Life Coaching Blog. By leveraging the power of consistency, I went from roughly 20 articles total in November 2014 to over 200 today while learning a lot in the process.

Last fall I heard someone say that when you are building a business like mine it is important to blog every day for a year. Every day… the reason for that is that is builds over 300 entry points into your website within a year, whereas if you blog only once a week you would have only 52 for the year.

At first, I could not believe that I could actually write on article per day for any length of time but since I needed to build more content in the blog, I committed to writing one article per week last fall. Soon enough that number floated up to two a week and sometimes three. It was around the week of Thanksgiving that everything changed for me though.

I was to be alone that holiday week and would have no other distractions. My challenge to myself was to write and publish one article per day that week and go for seven days straight just to see if I could do it and I did!

The truth is the more content you have the more you are going to be found by search engines and the more traffic you are going to get to your site. After going seven days straight, I raised my sights a little higher… according to some reading I had done on blogging, internet – inbound marketing, and traffic statistics, my milestones became 50 posts, 100 posts, and 200 posts where I am now.

The numbers are approximate in order to keep it simple, but when I explain it to people I usually just say that I had 22 articles on November 22 last year, and I have X many (201) now which means I have written and published for 179 straight days! If you consider the average article has about 600 words in it, that’s over 107,000 words since November and that’s a lot!

Writing everyday is now as much of my routine as brushing my teeth and getting dressed every morning. It is typically the first thing that I do before continuing on to any other business of the day. There have been exceptions, like when I went on vacation in March, but I published something new everyday the entire seven days that I was in Mexico. I will admit that I spent a good part of the week before that trip double and triple writing articles so that I would have a quiver full to release when I was down there.

It is a very slow and sometimes painful process building up all of this content. My goal every day is to write something that will help someone primarily, but it is also part of the longer game of building content, creating links and backlinks, getting discovered, and of course attracting clients.

And guess what? It’s working! Because of my blog and harnessing the power of consistency and writing everyday, I have attracted some significant “wins” into my life. I was invited to be interviewed for a podcast on Unlimited Perspectives, larger blogs that are more prominent have picked up and linked to my blog, and even this week I will be doing an interview for an article in Success Magazine.

But to write for 179 days straight… where does the inspiration come from and where do I get all of my ideas? To be honest, most days, I don’t know what I am going to write about until I am in the shower of all places. I just let the ideas come to me. But I also keep a running list of subjects that I think of and when I need an idea for the day, I review that list and choose the one that resonates the most with me. And of course, sometimes I see, experience, or hear something that makes me think, “Ah! That would be a good thing to write about!” and then it ends up being an article.

There are challenging times… it seems that around the first of every month, for some reason, traffic will make a dramatic shift downward and that is very discouraging. Then about a week later, traffic will be normal again if not slightly higher. Those periods have proven to be the hardest on me personally but it has not happened for May (yet) so I am hoping that trend was maybe part of the growing pains for the maturation of my blog. The best guess I have about it is that it the result of some goofy search engine recalibration that occurs, otherwise I have no idea as to why it happens.

What is next? When I committed in November, my end goal was to get to over 300 articles but really that means I wanted to get to 365 days straight and write for a full year and that is still my goal. So I intend to keep doing what I have been doing and by capitalizing on the power of consistency I will write every day and just keep going. One day at a time, one article at a time, one-week, one month… and so on until I get there.

Needless to say, I have learned tons about inbound marking, SEO, and the whole art and science of blogging for a business these past few months. Enough that I could write an entire series of articles on that alone but that is not the function of this blog so I won’t. My goal for writing every day is really a simple one… whatever I write, it is always my number one hope that someone, and that could mean only one person reads it that day and it helps them. Period. If more do, that is awesome, but if I can have a positive impact in one person’s life each day through writing, then I am happy.

In the end, this article isn’t about blogging or about how much I have written the past few months. I hope it serves to illustrate that whatever you want to do in life, if you just keep at it, focus a little bit of every day towards your end goals that by doing that and embracing the power of consistency, you WILL get there!

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has helped and supported me in this endeavor. First of all there is my family who listens to me talking about the writing non-stop at times. But also for everyone who reads, comments, shares my material, and gives me feedback which helps to motivate me even more.  Thank you!

If there’s anything that you would like to see more (or less) of in this blog, I would welcome your comments.  Additionally, if you have a favorite category, please let me know so that I can keep that in mind when researching and planning posts.

Next stop… 300!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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