The Power Of Visualization

the power of visualizationSome have to see a thing before they can believe it but I believe and teach that you have to believe in something before you can see it and that is where the power of visualization comes into play.

The Power Of Visualization

When it comes to achieving what we set our minds to, the power of visualization is a really funny thing… for starters I truly believe it works but the sad thing is how little we actually use this tool in our day to day lives when it is always accessible… always there.

When I was in the fifth grade, I was selected to run in the 100 yard dash in my elementary school’s track and field day. Believe it or not… I trained and practiced for that race for weeks.

My stepfather told me that to practice to run it right I needed to go to a ball field or track but instead of running just 100 yards to go all out for 120 yards each and every time. So that is what I did.

But being a young boy and prone to daydreaming a lot more than I probably should have I was constantly thinking about that race all of the time. In my daydreams, I always saw myself winning either straight up or from some fantastic feat where I would come up from behind. I visualized winning, getting my award, and all of my friends and family patting me on the back, congratulating me, and being proud of me.

Of course, I didn’t realize or have any idea of what I was doing but even at the age of eleven I was harnessing the power of visualization.

This story has a happy ending as I did win the race. And looking back, I believe that was probably one of the first big goals that I ever set for myself and not only that I worked very hard to achieve it… and I did…

Though I have never won a race or placed first for the rest of my life I still use the power of visualization as a huge part of my race preparation the last few weeks before an important event…. It’s how I put myself to sleep at night… I lay in bed and I imagine myself running over each and every segment of the course… over and over again… and I do believe it makes a difference.

The power of visualization comes into play quite often when working with my clients and the most powerful tool that I have and use is when I take a client though a guided meditation and have them visualize (and see) during that session what it is they are wanting exactly…

Another way in which I use visualization with clients is in simple role-play… where we play out discussions, conflicts, or any other scenario where a client has a set expectation or outcome in mind…

Regardless of if it is from a role playing exercise or a guided mediation the client’s mind sees the thing they want and the truth is that our brains really can not distinguish between something that is vividly imagined or visualized and what is actually real.

But our brains do a little more work for us than we realize when we practice visualization and that is this… our brains clearly see where we want to be or where we could be and recognizes the difference between that and where we actually are. And if we want whatever it is strong enough our minds will get busy in the background formulating ways that we might not even realize which will serve to get us there.

Our minds are capable of imagining anything and producing awesome imagery to the point where the lines between imagination and reality may become a little blurred. But if you can visualize something strong enough and by strong enough that you can actually experience it in great detail, the brain will believe that it is actually true.

First you experience it in the virtual world of your mind and next you experience it in the physical world… in real life, and that is the power of visualization at work.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten – 26 July 2015

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