The Purpose Of Purpose

purposeofpurposeLiving a life guided by purpose is one of the keys to success and fulfillment. Unfortunately, many people have no idea of what their purpose is or what they should be doing with their lives.

For the longest time I fell into that category. Sometimes I had small feelings, or inklings that I should be doing something else but it was never quite clear to me what it would be. I don’t think that I am alone when I say that I spent many years of my adult life working and doing work that in the end had no real important impact or purpose. It took many years to figure out.  Now that I know what MY purpose is, life is so much more enjoyable, rewarding, and just plain fun to live, and even more so because I am pursuing it.

But some people are not late bloomers when it comes to divining the purpose of their life. My daughter falls into that category… she figured out that she wanted to do, has gone to college to study it, is passionate about it, and is working now in that field. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention, she excels at her work! As I have been figuring out my path, my daughter who had figured out what she was passionate about and her own purpose was a constant inspiration for me. I would look at her life and even as a parent, say to myself, “I want my life to have meaning and significance like her life does.”

By watching her and others that were living their purpose in life, I was able to discover mine, embrace it, and commit to going into that direction – no matter what.

There are things in this life that you might naturally be good at and fields where you are more skilled than others, but the truth is that might not have anything to do with your purpose at all. It might be part of the picture but not the entire picture. Purpose is greater than just a job, or a hobby, or some other facet of your life. When I think of purpose, I think of a particular “calling” in life where fulfilling your purpose benefits others and not just yourself.

What if you do not know what your purpose is?

Then your purpose becomes discovering what your purpose is.

There is a plan for your life and there is something that you’re meant to do. You have been given skills and abilities that can change the world and make a difference. If you don’t know what your purpose is yet, don’t stress over it, it’s okay. It took me many years to figure it out myself. Just focus on trying to discover what it is a little bit at a time each day until the answer comes to you.

If you already know your purpose, or are just discovering it, this is something very important to keep in mind… It is not enough to know what your purpose in life is; you must also strive to live and to fulfill it. Again, knowing is not enough, for two reasons. 1) If you know your purpose and you are not living it, chances are you are robbing yourself of significant happiness and success. 2) If you know your purpose and you are not living it, you are robbing the world around you of your talents, gifts, and positive impact.

Remember, the purpose of life is for you live it and to be fully involved in living. Your purpose is to find your purpose and to pursue that. By discovering your passion and your purpose in life, you will also find happiness and success in other areas as well. Find your life’s purpose, and then take action to create the kind of life you really want to live.

In the end, that is the purpose of purpose.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado


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