The Scarcity Scam

The Scarcity ScamYou can probably imagine that I am on many mailing lists from other coaches, consultants and what not; and the one thing that infuriates me about all of them is how they use scarcity as a scare tactic.

There is an entire set of formulas for internet marketing, designing campaigns, selling your packages, etc, and most people on the web use the same tired strategy over and over again, and one of the most common tricks is they use the threat of scarcity to scare you or to move you to bite into their offer, free or otherwise.

Their canned emails might right like…

“You are running out time!”

“Only a few seats left!”

“The last time ever at this price!”

You get the idea…

Someday I would like to dissect for the world these formulas and share it all with you so that you can see what is really going on but really, scarcity is not what today’s post is about… it’s really about abundance which is the opposite of scarcity.

I do not believe in scarcity. I believe there is enough for everyone. There is actually a “universal law” which is called The Law of Abundance, which clearly states – “There is always enough.”

One of my clients wants to be a life coach and I have been working with this client on figuring out what credentialing to pursue in order to become “more legit” and more effective if coaching is to be their next career.

Now, I could feel threatened by this and focus on “the lack” of potential clients in the world. I could try to talk my client out of becoming what would essentially be “my competition” who could steal MY potential clients. I could be afraid and focus on there not being enough…

But since I believe in abundance instead of lack or scarcity, I support my client as I believe that working with others would be an awesome next step for them professionally. I do not focus or even think about losing clients, or there being competition because there are enough potential clients and personally, there are a lot more people out there who need help than there are those who can give it.

Do you see the difference between the two mindsets? I have the choice of which way I want to view that scenario, and whichever one I focus on is the one that I am going to get. If I believe that I am creating a business competitor and I will lose clients or not have enough clients, that is exactly what will happen. If I believe I am helping to mentor a potential ally or colleague and believe there is enough work out there for everyone, then that is what I will get. That’s just how it works.

Begin to believe that life is abundant and that you have access to an unlimited supply of everything instead of focusing on what is missing or believing there is not enough. The great thing is that once you have solidified this belief, you will start receiving idea after idea and opportunity after opportunity to succeed. If you believe there is more, you are going to get more… If you believe in scarcity and focus on scarcity, then scarcity is what you will get!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten July 2004

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