The Scariest Halloween Decoration

scariest halloween decorationThe other day I saw the scariest Halloween decoration that someone had just set up on their lawn. It wasn’t scary in the sense that it was spooky but symbolically it frightened me in two different ways.

The Scariest Halloween Decoration

As far as Halloween decorations go, this one isn’t huge, garish, or all of that elaborate, but for me, it sure did have an impact. It is simply a full sized fake skeleton sitting on a bench swing in a yard. So why then do I say it is the scariest Halloween decoration?

First of all, it reminded me of two things… one, how I don’t want to live my life, and secondly how I don’t want my life to end; just rotting away sitting around. It reminded me not to live my life like a corpse, or a zombie, just aimlessly wandering around without any purpose, goals, or motivation past just surviving.

Not to be overly morbid, but at 47 years of age, I do contemplate my mortality more and more, well at least a lot more than I did 20 years ago. I don’t know when or how I will leave this earth but I do know how I am NOT going to leave this earth, and this just sitting around for two to three decades, slowly decaying and waiting for “it” to just happen. No! I intend to live every day fully and richly and if I have my way, when I go, it will be right in the middle of doing something epic or something that I love. When I go, I want it to be on the top of mountain somewhere or well… just on top.

The second thing this “scariest Halloween decoration” reminded me of is that I don’t want to be sitting around later in life with a whole lot of regrets over what I could have done that I never even attempted. I don’t want to be stuck in rocking chair constantly saying to myself, “Only if…”

But this decoration also reminded me of a positive thing… Although the skeleton is sitting on a lawn swing, it resembles a rocking chair close enough to remind me to always use the “rocking chair test” when faced with huge life decisions. Whenever you find yourself stuck between options and weighing a decision, the rocking chair test is one of the best ways to come up with a solution.

Just imagine a much older version of yourself, near the end of your days, sitting on a rocking chair on your front porch, looking back on your life. From that vantage point, looking back on your life, think of the current decision that you are mulling over, and weigh which choice would make you happier. Which decision would you be most proud of or have the least regrets over from the perspective of being older and sitting in the rocking chair. Trust me it works.

It is funny where I find my inspirations from for this blog day-to-day. It can be something I read, or something I heard or witnessed one day, or in this case a simple lawn display that to me, is the scariest Halloween decoration ever.

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Photo By Andy Wooten 30 September 2015

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