The Three Enemies Of Action

enemies of actionAction has three enemies and if inaction is your current state, and you are stuck, then one or more of the three enemies of action are probably holding you back.

We all get stuck at points in life, where we lose all of our momentum and instead of moving ahead we sit still. More often than not, when we are stuck like that, it isn’t even in a “bad place” but instead, we are entrenched deeply within our own comfort zones and immobilized. And even though the next step that we need to take might be a small one, we still see it as a very hard step to take.

The Three Enemies Of Action

The first of the three enemies of action is procrastination. When you are procrastinating, you are not moving forward, you are not building momentum, and you are not doing anything. Instead of procrastinating, put all of your energy into moving forward instead of worrying about what you can and cannot do. Procrastination is a form of self-punishment all by itself. By putting things off that you need to get done it only serves to fuel a more negative self-image. Don’t procrastinate and give yourself a chance or reason to beat yourself up. Keep moving forward.

As a Life Coach, one challenge that many of my clients face at one time or the other is an overriding sense of being overwhelmed. In their flurry of actions and quest for achievement, buried beneath lists of things to do, and their goals, they sometimes freeze up and are immobile. When you are overwhelmed, you cannot see where to start or which step to take next due to information or task overload. Overwhelm is the second enemy of action to be on the lookout for and this is how you can overcome it.

Stagnation is the result of staying in one place, immobile, for way too long. Would you rather live your life as flowing river, or would you prefer to live life like stinky swamp water? Do you see the difference? One of the ways we end up stagnating is by over-accepting life’s situations and circumstances. Stagnation occurs when you decide to remain in your comfort zone for a long period of time, which then leads to mediocrity and a lack of growth. Stagnation is the third enemy of action but once you decide to get moving and take that first step, things will happen, “the water will start moving,” and you will no longer be stuck.

Whenever you find yourself stuck and you might not have a clear idea why, ask yourself if it is because of one of the three enemies of action… procrastination, overwhelm, or stagnation. Once you can identify the exact cause and have that awareness, all you have to do is to decide to take action. It is that simple!

Decide to move beyond your comfort zone then do it. Every difficult step that you take only leads you closer to your goals. Every difficult task which you complete, multiplies your momentum. Remember, life rewards action.

What action are you going to take this week? What hard steps are you willing to take if you are stuck?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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