The Universe Has Your Back

the universe has your backIn my last client session for the week today, my client reported that everything is going well and not only that, she also feels “the universe has her back.” And she’s right, the universe has your back, always, and in all things.

The Universe Has Your Back

In the biblical sense, all things are known to God and including the reasons for everything. Everything is part of His grand plan. Call it a God thing or whatever, the same rule applies and that is that the universe has your back.

That is just life and that is why resistance to “what is” is generally in folly. Life is a current that only flows in one direction, it is always moving in the direction towards the greater good, and that includes your greater good.

Funny story… so the other day I sat down in the bathroom and placed my phone on the sink. Apparently, I did not do too great of a job because my $600 cell phone, overcome by the effects of gravity, fell… straight down towards the dog’s water bowl. The universe has your back and it certainly had by back that day, as my phone just happened to bounce off the side of the bowl and land safely (and dry) onto the carpet.

However, I believe this story could have gone the other way, especially if my belief system was different. If I believed the world was out to get me or if I believed if anything bad could happen that it would as a default… I would almost bet good money that my phone could have just as easily went splash…

When things are rough and challenging, the universe has your back whether you believe it or not… if it feels as if it doesn’t, maybe check to see if you are living or thinking upstream rather than downstream.

Everything and I mean everything serves for the greater good if you will only allow it.

Have a great week everyone!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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photo credit: Paul Hoi via photopin (license)

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