Things Yet To Come – The Unmanifested

According to the Law of Conservation, matter can neither be created nor destroyed. The law of conservation states that the mass within an isolated or closed system is and will remain constant over time.

How this is applicable to the Abundance Theory is that one must understand that everything that may be desired or sought after in this world already exists in one form or the other. As an example, the gold for a piece of jewelry may be miles underground yet or it could be in the finished product in the jewelers display case. Or the materials to build the house of your dreams… the wood, the rock, etc, already exists, it just has to be manipulated into the desired form.

Once it is understood that everything already exists, material or otherwise, it then must believed that we can attract or obtain it. We can get the the job, the relationship, the accomplishments, or anything else for that we dream of. That is the first step in perceiving the unmanifested, just the simple belief that it exists. If you don’t believe that something exists, how could you ever expect to receive or to experience it? You can’t say that you want X but then not believe it exists or that you are not worthy or good enough for it. That is completely counter to entire idea of creating the life that we want.

Try this as an exercise… keep it simple but think of something that you want. When I first tried this I envisioned a watch that I really would like to have. When I focused on the watch that I wanted, I realized that the watch already exists in one form or the other. The elements that make up the stainless steel case and watchband, the crystal for the face, the materials for the box it would come in, it is all already here! Carrying the exercise further I realized that this watch could already be assembled and ready for me to purchase or it might be years from even being made. Regardless of the state, it is does exist.

The important thing to remember is that everything that anyone could want is already here in either a raw or finished sate, or something in between. Nothing comes out of thin air. It is up to us to put ourselves in the favorable situations and circumstances to be ready for them when they arrive.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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