Thinking Is Not The Same As Doing

Thinking is not the same as doingThinking is not the same as doing. There are two rules to follow when you want to accomplish anything, become an expert or master a skill. Rule #1 – Do it. Rule #2 – See rule number 1. The only way to become something is by actively doing it.

Simply put, sitting around and thinking about the sink of dirty dishes is not going to do a darned thing to clean up the kitchen. Getting off your butt and actually doing the dishes is what will get them clean and put your cooking space back in order.

Thinking Is Not The Same As Doing

Way back (and I mean way back) in my aerospace defense contractor days I learned why engineers are not in charge of projects and why project managers are so valuable. If a project was left solely to an engineering staff it would never be delivered as it would always and forever be in the engineering phase… planning, developing and so forth. For anything to happen, at some point planning and designing has to stop, you have to start doing and that only happens by taking action.

Reading and thinking about being a race car driver is not the same as getting yourself behind the wheel of a race car and actually doing it. Thinking is not the same as doing and that applies to everything in life… racing cars, getting a degree, starting a business, or climbing a mountain even.

Stop reading and start doing. Stop obsessing and start doing. Stop planning and start doing. Stop procrastinating… start doing! Stop thinking about it and just get to it!

Bruce Lee said it… “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you will never get it done.”

When I decided that I wanted to start my own business and be a life coach, it was one thing to say think that it was what I did as a profession, but it was another thing altogether once I started working with people and actively coaching them. I had the training and education for it, sure, but I became a life coach by doing it, not just taking a course, reading, or studying. Sure… thinking about becoming a life coach ultimately pushed me in the direction of becoming one but it was by “doing life coaching” that has actually made me one.

Whatever it is you want to be great at or the best at, you will only get there by doing it, not by just thinking about it. Ideally, you can spend one third of your time learning about something, but the other two thirds you will want to spend focused on doing that specific activity and practicing.

Our brains learn by doing things, not just reading about them or hearing about them, and definitely not by just thinking about about them.


Focus on doing. Thinking is not the same as doing so make a commitment to start and then do it. Never let not knowing stop you starting. Remember… Experience makes experts!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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Photo by Andy Wooten 27 April 2016

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