Time Is Not A Renewable Resource

Time-is-not-a-renewable-resourceThe weekend is nearly over. Are you fretting about Monday and already watching the hours tick away while idly standing by, or are you going to do something about it? Time is not a renewable resource so make the best of what you have and make it count.

What are you waiting for in your life as time flies by? Are you just sitting around waiting for your big chance, your big break, to be noticed and singled out as exceptional? Or are you working hard to make sure that you are noticed, that you stand out above the crowd and be recognized for your greatness, your genius, and your achievements?

Are you letting your time escape you as you wait for the perfect circumstances or the right time to begin something new and great? Are you going to keep waiting to find your dream job, your perfect partner, or your life’s calling and passion?

Are you just going through the motions with your family waiting for the kids to grow up and leave home or are you taking advantage of and enjoying every moment that you have with them now? Time is not a renewable resource and once it’s gone you can never recapture those lost moments. Stop waiting.

Here’s the deal…  Most people just wander through life watching the clock and waiting for it all to end. They see their high point in life as their retirement, when they won’t have to work anymore, rather than grasping that high point or summit can be their life right now… The truth is, if life is played right you will never top out, you will never hit that point where everything after is just “all downhill.”

I know I used to see things that way… I used to believe, and quite wrongly, I may add, that the best was behind me… Uh… I was in my 30’s and yet to do my greatest work, run my best races, and live my life more fully. How sad is that? How sad is it that I honestly believed my life was all lived out and the only thing left to do was to sit around and wait to get old? Thank goodness I learned how to use time rather than allow time to use me for another 50 years or so.

There is a huge difference between living and just giving up… Don’t do that… that isn’t living, that’s just waiting to die.

So today, stop waiting and start taking action. Don’t live your life by just counting the days… live your life by making every day count.

Make the most of your time and your life. Have an impact and be the person that you were meant to be. Time is not a renewable resource, you can’t burn the same log twice, and you can never live the same moment twice once it passes.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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