Time To Weed The Garden

time to weed the gardenImagine your mind as a garden and all of your thoughts, dreams, aspirations, and desires are the beautiful flowers growing within it. However, just like any other garden, weeds can become an issue. So I ask you, is it time to weed the garden of your mind?

Time To Weed The Garden

Weeds are nasty little buggers that grow where they are not wanted. Not only are they not wanted, they often cause harm to the other plants (and sometimes animals) in the environment once they begin to grow and thrive.

Just as any noxious weed can take over a garden, so can the negative thoughts, doubts, insecurities, and even shame itself, take root in the garden of your mind and damage anything else that might be or could be good.

As with any other plant, weeds come from seeds and the seeds that create your own personal weeds are often the words and the beliefs of others that you hear and which you choose to listen to or believe.

Words are powerful things and words or phrases can stick in someone’s mind and permeate their identity, their core beliefs about themselves, and create chaos in their lives for decades.

For the sake of argument let us assume (a dangerous thing) that you mind is infested with weeds that have spawned from the inaccurate information that others have impressed upon you throughout you life… Maybe you believe that you are weak, stupid, not good enough, or simply just unlovable… If this is the case then it is definitely time to weed the garden and keep it that way!

For some us, the gardens of our minds have no flowers and only weeds and I don’t know about you but that is a very sad and troubling thought.

Beware of the seeds that were planted in your head and if it is time to weed the garden of the weeds that have taken hold, then get to it. In addition, be forever vigilant in preventing any other seeds taking hold in the future… meaning don’t take on anyone’s crap that is not true or accurate about you.

What negative things have people told you that you then took on as your own? What limiting beliefs do you have that stem from other people’s words, ideas and beliefs? Do you still want them embedded into your mind? Because they don’t have to be if you don’t want them to be.

It is up to you and no one else to weed the garden of your mind… so get to it.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten – 21 September 2015

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