Today, Start Small

start smallThe other day in a session, a client asked why change is so hard. This client sees the gap between knowing what do but also sees the challenge to putting that knowledge to use and getting different results. My answer was simply to start small or just start.

Start Small

So today… start small. If you don’t feel like you have anything to be grateful for… start small.

If you woke up this morning… be grateful for that. It might seem like not such a big deal, but consider the alternative.

If you were able to swing your legs over the side of the bed this morning and stand up on your own without assistance, be grateful for that… Again, it seems like small thing but really isn’t.

If you were able to brush your teeth, take a shower, and do these things with clean and safe water… be extra grateful. Another small thing but 780 million people on this planet live without even that.

In the first 20-30 minutes of your day, you get to experience many things, some things almost miraculous that others go without. Magnify that out to encompass your entire day while practicing gratitude for it all and I am sure your point of view, and your mood, will improve… but start small if you have too.

When it comes to “change” in regards to what my client was asking about, again… start small. I mean let’s face it… most of us don’t want to change and the only time we really do change is when faced with a crisis or when the pain and suffering of not changing outweighs the pain and suffering (and energy and effort) of changing itself.

But small starts can lead to huge changes… and most of the time it comes down to that tiny split second before we make a decision one way or the other between practicing and old behavior or choosing a new or different one that will yield different and hopefully more positive results.

The little things matter. The smallest actions, the smallest decisions, and the smallest efforts when applied consistently are what often yield the greatest change or improvements in results.

For example… if someone, your coworker, your spouse, a friend, anyone snaps at you out of frustration, what do you do? Do you snap back yourself, only making matters worse and possibly tenser? I believe here is always that small speck of time where you can choose your response. If you are one to snap back and you often find yourself frustrated because of the tenseness of those situations, then take that small step and reexamine what might be a better way to handle things… It could be a simple as being quiet and listening, or you could ask for more information, or you could just agree!

But it is what you do in that split second, making that small change, that can amazingly different results if you are willing to do it.

Most goals are achieved by taking small steps because you know what? Taking small steps, especially in the beginning, are what allow you build momentum and take greater and larger steps as things progress. I have had a task on my plate for the past four months that I have been completely putting off and this is making more contacts and networking for my business. I’ve known what I need to do and I know how to go about doing it but for four months I kept putting it off… until last week.

I sent an email, I made a call… just two things that took less than ten minutes and now I am booked with meetings. It took more than that of course, but those ten minutes, those two small actions created momentum and put many new things into motion for me for the next few weeks… I started small.

Start small… if you can not see the forest for the trees and feel that you have nothing to be grateful for… start small and build up from there. If you are wanting to make changes in your life… start small and look for those tiny opportunities to do things differently which will give you results other than what you are used to. Lastly… if you have to get something done or have a goal, start small… make the first step a baby step if you have too and don’t make your first step so overwhelming that you cower away from it.

Whatever it is… start small, but most importantly today… just start!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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