Top 3 Simple Rules For Life

Yesterday I started a post that was called X Rules for an Awesome Life, where X was a number not yet determined. I realized two things… X could be a very big number, secondly, I didn’t want to spend all day writing all about rules. So to simplify here are only three simple rules for life instead.

  1. Pay Attention. – This is probably one of the most important of the three as far as I am concerned. Just pay attention… be aware of what’s going on around you in your external world but also be aware and pay attention of what is going on in your “inner world” as well. Be open and look for the chances that you might otherwise miss if you are not paying attention – like the opportunity to make connections, funny moments, and people needing what you have to offer. Don’t just let you life go by being oblivious to the rest of the world. By paying attention, you give yourself the chance to learn and absorb information that could be helpful one day.
  2. Love. – Love the people in your life. Love what you do… your hobbies, your job, and your interests. Be passionate about what you do and appreciate what you have. Learn how to love your life and to love every single moment that you can. That is a lot of things to love right there but considering there are only two things in the universe, love and fear, and what isn’t love is some form of fear, be it anger, hurt, jealously, insecurity, etc, well… the more love you have the less fear you are going experience and feel in life. To put it simply, Love More – Fear Less!
  3. Work Your Ass Off! – Or to word it more nicely, work really, really hard. I don’t necessarily mean working longer hours, and I always say that we should work smarter, not harder, but when it comes down to it, never be afraid of hard work or busting your butt when you need to. In the end, nothing bad will ever come from working hard and putting everything that you have into a task. Too many people these days spend their “work time’ searching for a sliver bullet or shortcuts… be different, stand apart from the crowd and work your ass off… Maximize the time that you have and take advantage of ever opportunity given to you to work hard and to get ahead. Trust me… when you work your ass off, you will be long done and on to your next thing while everyone else is wandering around in the weeds still looking for that shortcut they are never going to find…

The list could go on and on and on and someday I might write a comprehensive list like that but not today… So for now, here are the three simple rules; Pay attention, love, and work your ass off!

It’s not exactly rocket science, but these are great yet simple principles to keep in mind as you go about your day and your life. Do you have any rules that you would like to add to the list?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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