The Top 5 Reasons You Need Goals

I had a response to the article Don’t Get Too Comfortable a couple of weeks back.  The reader asked…

Why can’t we just be? Why do we always have to be working toward goals? At what point in our lives is enough enough and we are contented?”

The reader had some valid points with the main premise being that in our society we are expected to have goals and to achieve them but for all of the wrong reasons. We are conditioned to go after goals and things that we think we have to do, or get, based completely on social pressure.

I agreed with her and stated that goal achievement, just for the sake of goal achievement, is an emotionally empty endeavor. No sooner than the goal is reached there is the letdown.

As a life coach it is my job to help people to define their goal, create a plan to achieve that goal, and to hold them accountable for the action steps moving towards the goal. I believe we create out lives through our goals (or lack of them) and in the end, our goals are what ultimately define us.

Here are my top five reasons for setting goals:

  1. Goals are the ultimate vehicle for personal growth. The motto that I came up with when I created Tri Peaks Life Coaching was “Growth Through Goal Setting.”  I believed it then and I believe it now. Our goals make us grow not because we get or achieve what we want but more because of the journeys that our goals set us on.  For example, you decide to go back to school to study a new subject and get a degree. In the end the degree is the end result and the objective, but what you learn in class, or from discussing things with classmates, or from your own personal studies on the matter, is where the growth actually occurs.  The research, long nights of studying, persevering, and disciplined attendance… these are what cause personal growth, not the actual diploma itself.  This is the perfect example of it being “the journey, not the destination.”
  2. Setting and achieving goals increases self confidence.  Setting goals gets you what you want in life. Achieving them is the best way to build your self confidence.  Set your goals and then do your best to achieve them. This article is motivational and will help you to set goals your goals, The 20 Greatest Goal And Goal Setting Quotes Of All Time.  And don’t forget to write your goals down on paper.  There is nothing more satisfying than reading a list of goals that you set out for yourself and then checking them off as completed.
  3. Goals minimize time wasting distractions. When you are focused on a goal you are less inclined to get caught up in the trivial matters of life. Time becomes the most valuable commodity and time-management a crucial skill. In the relentless pursuit of a goal you can not afford distractions if you want to succeed. You are willing to forgo daily distractions like playing on the computer, watching too much TV, or just idly sitting around when you are motivated to pursue a goal. You know that today’s action and focus will bring tomorrow’s results.
  4.  Goals enhance quality of life. Man needs three things. Something to love, something to do, and something to believe in. Goals give our lives purpose and without purpose, why even get out of bed in the morning? Having a goal focuses you on what you need to do and a worthy goal will be something that you definitely believe in. Goals enable you to be passionate about life and a passionate life is a life well lived.
  5. Goals give us something to celebrate. The fifth and final reason for having goals is that when you achieve them they give you something to celebrate. Call your friends, call your family and loved ones, and have a party. Share your success, you worked hard and you earned it. However, the most important person for you to celebrate with is with is YOU. Never forget to honor and acknowledge your efforts and success with yourself.

Growth Through Goal Setting

As you work toward the realization of your goals it is important to remember your vision and purpose for the goal. A clear goal will provide  you with the motivation and determination to succeed even when things do not go as planned and adjustments need to be made. And sometimes you might not succeed or reach your goal as you planned but it is guaranteed that though that endeavor that you did indeed grow. As Bruce Lee once said, “A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.”

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado


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