Trust Your Intuition

trust your intuitionTrust your intuition – you inner voice or guidance systems that quietly or even sometimes loudly tells you what to do or what not to do. Our gut instincts are rarely ever wrong and it is when we go against “that little voice” that we often find ourselves in trouble.

Trust Your Intuition

Our intuition stems (pun intended) from the primitive brain and it’s a leftover from the early days of man when the brain’s ability to detect danger (visible or hidden) ensured our survival. Nowadays, we use this capability so little that we do not know how to listen to it properly. We lack the emotional intelligence to hear or listen to that voice as other “noise” in our brains often drowns it out.

Regardless of if you use it or not, your intuition IS there and fully functioning. And all it takes to start making better decisions in life is to start listening to that voice and giving it a say in your decision making processes. Remember, if something feels off it is because something IS off… that is your intuition talking to you right there.

Trust your intuition and trust your gut. Have you ever made a decision and immediately started to feel sick, queasy, and maybe even a little clammy? Well, what you are feeling and experiencing is the body’s way of informing you that the decision your analytic mind came to is at odds with your instincts. Those are the alarms going off telling you that you did not choose wisely…

Intuition is a powerful force of the mind that can help us to make better decisions. And lucky for us, intuition is a skill that you can sharpen by practicing just using it and trusting your intuition when it speaks to you.

For some reason, I have always been highly intuitive, to the point that it is sometimes scary. Even though there are times where all data may indicate that I should choose A, I know in my heart, through my intuition to choose B, and more often than not B is ALWAYS the right choice.

Do you trust your intuition? Do you base all of your decisions on facts and information; of do you trust your gut? Has your intuition ever been wrong?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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