Turning Negatives Into Positives

turning negatives into positivesLife is full of upsides, downsides, bright and dark sides, positives and negatives; but not all negatives are absolute negatives, and not all positives are good things either. Regardless, one of the key tricks in life is turning negatives into positives.

The truth is that negative and positive are just labels that we like to apply to things and quite often we inaccurately use them. What we perceive as negative for instance, is usually based on a past belief or an experience. But past negatives can also be current positives.

Our life situations change and because of that what we perceive as negative and positive changes as well. The job that you never wanted to do might be the best job in the world if you are working, or trying to find work in a suffering economy. That horrific breakup that you went through last year could be the best thing that ever happened to you as you meet new and more compatible people along the way or ultimately find a better relationship.

Turning Negatives Into Positives

Life changes and we must be flexible and change with it lest we end up irrelevant and just sitting on the sidelines and part of that flexibility and being able to adapt depends greatly on your skill in turning negatives into positives.

The first tip on turning negatives into positives is to know is never to just dwell on the negative. If you insist on solely focusing on the negative, well, that is all that you will ever see. (And all you may experience.)

In every personal defeat or loss there is always something to be salvaged and at the very least something to be learned. Though these “lessons” might not fix or cure your immediate situation, they can always be applied in the future for your advantage. Turning negatives into positives often hinges on your ability and willingness to learn from “what just happened,” especially if you choose to see the positive rather than focusing on the negative.

But sometimes there might be a negative situation where there might not be anything to learn from it and nothing is salvageable. Life has put you down on the canvas and you are knocked out cold… then what?

This is usually your greatest opportunity to turn a negative into a positive because you do the only thing that you can do… you get up on your own two feet and you move on. You get up again, regain your sense or pride, and motivate yourself to move on. Turning negatives into positives, in this case, is all about honoring yourself and your strength and perseverance to move on in spite of anything that may have happened.

Getting knocked down is usually a negative, no doubt, but getting up and being willing to go at it again is always a positive and you can always do that.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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