Unhappiness 101 – How To Be Unhappy

Unhappiness 101 – How To Be UnhappyDo not read this if it is your goal to lead a happy and stress free life as this class is not for you. Unhappiness 101 – How To Be Unhappy – is designed for those whom strive to make life suck not only for themselves but also for everyone else around them.

Unhappiness 101 – How To Be Unhappy

Before we begin, let me make one thing clear. To be happy is a choice. To be unhappy is a choice, and in order for you to stand a chance at getting a passing grade, you must decide right now to be unhappy and nothing else.

So, without further ado, let us dive right into the meat of Unhappiness 101 – How To Be Unhappy and discover the tools, knowledge and skills which you will require to get the most out of this course.

Are you insecure? Do you have a poor self-image? Awesome! You are probably going to do quite well here. All of those negative feelings that you have about yourself… well, they are true! In fact, as a human being you truly suck and add zero value to anyone or anything… just remember that.

Do you feel like you have been robbed in life? Do you believe that life is completely unfair because you do not possess everything in the world that you desire? Then keep doing that! Keep focusing on everything that you do not have… bonus points for looking at everything that others have and feeling bad about that too… to truly be unhappy and to master unhappiness… never be thankful for anything, ever!

Of course, the reason that you are unhappy and you do not have everything that you wish is the fault of everyone else, right? To be truly unhappy, always point the finger of blame at others, after all, you are the victim here and have zero control over your life.

And while you are busy blaming others for how much life sucks… be sure to also judge them and judge them harshly for it! When you are judging others, you are producing all sorts of negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings, which is the best way ever to cultivate unhappiness. And don’t forget to judge yourself too so that you can keep developing your own insecurities and poor self-image while you are at it!

Are you someone who tries to control everything? Congratulations, you are setting yourself up for even more unhappiness in life! Bravo! Be sure to not only try to control what does and does not happen in your life but also really focus on trying to control everyone who is your life as that is an awesome path to the levels of misery in which you seek.

And lastly… this is the big one, and if there is anything that you take-away from Unhappiness 101 – How To Be Unhappy let it be this… ALWAYS surround yourself with the most unhappy and toxic people that you can find… Seek out those who complain non-stop, who are astoundingly negative, and even those who have bad habits. The more you hang around and associate with them the unhappier you will be! Let them bring you down and of course, share with them all of your “misfortunes” because, after all, unhappiness is contagious!

That covers everything for today’s class, Unhappiness 101 – How To Be Unhappy…

Everyone have a wretched weekend!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten – 23 September 2016

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