Using The Fear

using the fearFear is a double-edged sword of sorts. While it is never good to live a life of fear or to live in fear of living, fear itself can be an awesome thing for a few reasons… The trick is in using the fear to your advantage.

Feeling fear in a particular moment lets you know primarily that you are alive and nothing beats that feeling. Knowing that you are alive, feeling the heart pumping the blood in your system with some adrenaline and some endorphin’s added in…. that’s living.

However, more importantly, is that fear tells us when we might be at a critical juncture in life. You can always shrink in the face of it and stay “safe” if that is what you choose to do or you can make the choice to press on.

Fear can tell us that we have an opportunity for growth, if we are willing to take it. It signals that you are on the edges of your comfort zone. It can tell you that you may be about to step into something completely new and thus unknown. That’s exciting… that’s living.

Lastly, if you are ever feeling a little dose of healthy fear there is no other way that you could be feeling or experiencing boredom at the same time, and as I am fond of saying, boredom is the exact opposite of happiness. In short, one could conclude some challenging times laced with fear, could be a gateway to just feeling happy. Now imagine that…

Life can be frightening at times and we have all been there but looking at it as a positive rather than a negative is an extremely powerful way to embrace life. Using the fear to be your guide as to what to do next as opposed to when to stop can open many new pathways and opportunities… if you let it.

Use the fear instead of letting fear use YOU!

P.S. Dear reader… For the next eight weeks my publishing schedule will be slightly different. Instead of posting every day, I will only be posting Monday – Thursday, so four days a week instead of seven. Thank you!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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