The Value Of Being Authentic

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” – Dr. Seuss

Authenticity is one of cornerstones of being a life coach. In order to help clients in the best way possible, my approach, how I present myself, and how I ask questions must come from my authentic self and not modeled after someone else.

It is also my goal when working with clients to assist them in finding and seeing their identity and authentic selves. In order for a client to become clear on their goals and vision for life they must first tap into the core of who they really are, their motivations, their values, and their honest desires.

As I like to ask, “How can you be who you are unless you are who you are?”

Coaching involves asking many hard questions of the client and sometimes those questions can be uncomfortable to answer. Authentic questions require authentic answers.

In my everyday writings, it is my goal to motivate, inspire, raise questions and promote thought from my readers. Again, authenticity is important here and sometimes, it may not come across gently and may lack sugarcoating.

If it is my intention to encourage thought, my questions, while authentic, may even be upsetting for the client and or reader. Even if something I say or write does not agree with you and moves you to the point to think of me an asshole, I will still be satisfied in the knowledge that you at least started thinking. My intent is never to be mean, harsh, critical, or shaming, but to be authentic in presenting ideas and materials that forces one out of their comfort zones in thinking.

Being authentic can be hard and uncomfortable for both the client and the coach.

The expression of the authentic self by the client is often the first hurdle when beginning a new client/coach relationship. This why before I begin working with a client I require them to sit and answer a detailed list of questions about what they want in all areas of their lives. Not what they think they should want, but to get to the brass tacks of what they truly wish their lives to look like based on their own personal preferences. What does the client authentically want for himself or herself?

Seeing a client, sometimes for the first time ever, recognize and honor their authentic self can be a beautiful thing to witness a life coach. This is when the client, might for the first time tap into or come to some understanding of who they honestly are and what they want. This is also the starting point of helping the client build or rebuild their life based on what is true for them at their core. This is the time when the client can see his or her own unique purpose and path in life. First, they must discover, accept, and embrace their authentic nature.

Of all of the things I have learned in this life, being authentic and true to yourself has to be the number one focus in order to be happy and successful. Many years I spent in the pursuit of things, situations, relationships, accomplishments and achievements that in the end did not serve who I truly was. It was not until I decided to be authentic not only with the world but also with myself, and distilling my life down to the bare essentials of what I love and what I love to do, that I truly became not only happy but also helpful to the world around me.

And therein lies the magic of being authentic. Unless “you are who you are,” you cannot contribute your unique gifts, talents, and energy for the benefit of all. Only by being authentic, can you tap into the joy of life and living and thereby be able to share your joy and positive energy with the world.

Are you living an authentic life? Do you deny your authenticity to yourself and to those around you? What can you do today that would put you more line with your authentic and true self?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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