Waiting For Your Breakthrough

waiting for your breakthroughYour breakthrough will happen but you might have to wait for it. Progress is rarely linear and you may find yourself taking two steps forward and one-step back. If you are waiting for your breakthrough and working towards it, it will happen.

Have you ever been working towards something, consistently over time, and the progress just seemed to be glacially slow? Then unexpectedly you are propelled further than what you thought was possible? That is a breakthrough happening.

As a runner, one of my favorite books is Once a Runner by John L. Parker. In the book, Bruce Denton explains to Quinton Cassidy his theory on conditioning:

“People conceptualize conditioning in different ways. Some think it is a ladder straight up. Others see plateaus, blockages, ceilings. I see it as a geometric spiraling upward, with each spin of the circle taking you a different distance upward. Some spins may even take you downward, just gathering momentum for the next upswing. Sometimes you will work your fanny off and see very little gain; other times you will amaze yourself and not really know why.”

That spiral model is how I see progress happening in anything that we do, and it is that last sentence that illustrates how breakthroughs happen. Sometimes you see little gain, and then other times you are astounded by what you have done.

The past two weeks I have put myself into a position with my running training where one of two things are going to happen. By logging massive miles (103 miles the past seven days) and with three more days left in this training week to run, I am either going to breakdown or I am going to breakthrough, and my money is on the latter. I am waiting for my own little great breakthrough.

Waiting For Your Breakthrough

If you are waiting for your breakthrough… what all goes into that? What causes someone to breakthrough or just give up and quit?

First, you need a constant application of attention, energy, focus, and action over time. If you believe in the Law of Attraction, which says what we focus on we experience, that might explain it even more.

Sometimes that breakthrough is a total surprise. You get the job that you had wanted for years, or you find the perfect relationship partner that you had been seeking. When that happens there is the tendency to look back (and hopefully see) that you were on the right track the entire time. You just had to be patient, waiting for your breakthrough to happen on its own schedule. This is where faith comes into play into the process. You have to have the faith and the courage to live your life as if everything that happens is for a reason.

As an entrepreneur and Life Coach, I have to believe in breakthroughs, not only for myself but for my clients as well. In my business, especially the growing phase, there was progress and there were setbacks on a daily basis – with the progress being excruciating slow at times. But everyday I would take a moment to look for the progress that had happened, and look for the little wins that told me something good is in the works.

On the other hand, there were days where I would see the momentum from the prior days or months taking over. I would talk to more prospective clients, I would get more visitors to my website, or I would get a new client… for me those were breakthroughs.

If you are struggling, waiting for your breakthrough, and finding it hard to grow, advance, or move forward right now, keep at it. Believe in the magic moment when you see your work and efforts pay off. Have faith that your breakthrough moment is just around the corner. Because, believe it or not, it probably is!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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Photo by Andy Wooten 10 May 2015

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