We Change And Our Dreams Change

I am not the same person in my 40’s as I was in my 20’s. The things that I might have wanted or had then are not the same as now. My goals, my dreams, and my aspirations for life; all of it is different now. It’s just a fact that we change and our dreams change right along with us.

If you find yourself no longer motivated by the same goals that you had five, ten, or twenty years ago, there is probably a good reason. It has nothing to do with lack of motivation or drive or desire or anything like that. More than likely it is just that you are not the same person.

For instance, when I was 25 I had a 30-year plan for which vehicles I would own and drive. Back then, I had a Ford F-150 truck that I loved and still miss to this day. My plan was to have that truck for ten years then trade up for a Ford F-250 with an extended cab. Then after having that F-250 for ten years I would REALLY upgrade to a F-350 with a crew cab, long bed, and be able to pull or haul anything.

Now I drive a Jeep Wrangler, two-door that I have had for the past six years and can never see myself driving anything else… yet. All of that can still change…

I changed, my life changed, my needs changed, and with all of that so did my dreams.

This is why it is important to sit down and write out your goals every so often in order to keep them fresh and updated. If you are still chasing the dream that you were enthusiastic about five years ago but now it doesn’t mean as much to you, maybe it is time to consider a new dream.

Now don’t quit your dreams because the going got too tough, that would be a cop out. But if you had a goal or a dream that once upon a time excited you but now your heart is not in it, or worse, you feel a sense of dread, then it’s probably a good time to let go and discover what excites you now.

We grow, we change and our dreams change. Cut yourself some slack if you have to. You are never bound to follow something that you decided to do 20 years ago, just because you said it 20 years ago… Consider the possibility that it just doesn’t fit into you’re your life anymore, or maybe you just want new and different things now.

That’s one of the things I love the most about goals. A lot of my goals have never been met in life. BUT those goals often led to other bigger and better goals down the road and without the initial ones to begin with I would have never gone anywhere.

Have you ever felt locked-in to a goal that no longer served you? Did you let it go? How did that make you feel?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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