What Are Your Baggage Fees?

I just submitted my expenses for a business trip and part of the expenses included the fees for my checked bag. I travel light but I always have to check one piece of luggage. It got me thinking about what we always carry with us, our internal baggage, and the costs which come with that.

What are your baggage fees? How much are you paying for by carrying around old resentments, grudges, and personal affronts that you refuse to let go of?

What does it cost you in terms of your happiness, peace of mind, and overall satisfaction with life?

Or even worse… are others paying the fees for your excess baggage that you insist on bringing along in life?

We’ve all got bags that we carry around with us through life with many of us using the same bags our parents’ used and handed down to us. Regardless, those bags may have done the trick in the past but now they are bulky, worn-out and sometimes painful to carry later in our lives. And as our lives become more complicated further down the road, our baggage can not only get in the way but cause a lot more damage to ourselves and others.

How many of us walk around every day being weighed down by the baggage of our past? If you don’t or can’t let go, then how can you possibly take on a new relationship, a new business endeavor, a new career, a new friendship, or a new life? Let go of the weight and allow yourself to embrace what is new and waiting for you.

It is very hard to be clear about who you are and what you want in life when you are carrying around a bunch of baggage from the past. Learn how to let go, or at least pack lighter in order to be able to go and move more quickly onto the next place.

Start packing lighter! Sure, you can’t eliminate everything from your past, but you can simplify. Pare things down the point of simplicity where you can make the journey of this life with just the baggage that you need.

What baggage are you carrying around with you today that you can let go of? Are you carrying a knapsack, suitcase, steamer truck, or perhaps you move it all around in a U-Hual truck? What are your baggage fees? What is it all costing you?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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