What Glory Days?

what glory daysThe other day I was reading an article (I didn’t finish it) about some men sitting around and reminiscing over their past “glory days.” The thing about the article that grabbed me is that I got a strong sense that the men in the story were YOUNGER than me! I quit reading the article but it got me thinking…

My life has been amazing and I have done some pretty incredible and fun stuff, no doubt, but even at the age of 47, I do not look back and consider any part of my life experience my “glory days.”

Quite the opposite actually… if I were to sit around and think of any times of massive success or wins… well; I guess I think of the future, not my past. Certainly I could belly up to a bar somewhere and tell my tales of daring adventures and accomplishments, and consider the rest of my life nothing more than subtext in comparison, but no – and never.

Yet I don’t look back and see it all as sucking either… It’s been an awesome adventure and if I have my say in the matter, it is going to keep rolling along like that for another 40 years. What glory days? What?

I will admit it… in many ways maybe I was late bloomer. I don’t know. I mean if you looked at me at age 18, the idea of “alpha male” would not be a part of how your might describe me. Even I think of myself then as being a strong beta at best.

But even if I were a late bloomer, I just don’t buy into the whole concept of “peaking” at an early age. There are many who do peak early, especially athletes, but even if an athlete peaks at an early age that is just ONE aspect of their life… life goes on, and there are many other areas of life in which to grow and master.

You cannot predict when someone might peak at any time in any area of his or her life but to reach a summit and to refuse to grow from there or at least to grow in other areas is in my opinion akin to just “giving up.”

Do I consider myself more “alpha” now? You had better believe it but isn’t because of one particular skill, knowledge, achievement, or success I have had in life. It is because at my age I consider myself rather well rounded, accomplished in many different areas, educated and knowledgeable, extremely healthy and strong for my age and with exception of my voluntarily total baldness, my age is hard to define. In many ways, I am “stronger” at 47 than I ever was at 27.

Therefore, I don’t buy into the whole philosophy of glory days or that my life peaked decades ago and that the best has been left way behind me, and neither should you!

I am holding out for my glory days, if such a thing even exists, as something that is still ahead of me in my future. To think otherwise is just too limiting for my tastes and at best is just plain silly.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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