What I Know About You

what I know about youIt might seem presumptuous to say but there are things that I know about you, and when I say you, I mean anyone who reads this article. What I know about you is this …

What I Know About You

  1. You are here for a purpose. – You are here (and still here) for a reason and a purpose, and not only that, you are here to achieve that purpose… You were born to achieve, the question then is just “what?” Your “what” is going to be different than anyone else’s but it is every bit as important. It isn’t enough to know your purpose either… you must also strive to fulfill it.
  2. You will create your own destiny. – You have made your life whatever it is right now and you can make your future life whatever you wish it to be as well. You create your own destiny (and future) each day based solely on your decisions. Your decisions are your destiny so take an active role in making the best decisions based on what you want in your life.
  3. Everything you need you already have. – You already have everything that you need in order to do anything that you wish to do. Most of us never start things or pursue goals because we believe we lack the knowledge, skills, or training do so. What you need you already have… trust me… never let not knowing keep you from starting. Remember… experience makes experts and you get experience by starting.
  4. You don’t have problems, you have opportunities. – I read that if everyone put all of their problems into separate piles, when we saw everyone else’s problems, we would rush to get all of our problems back. Your problems are really your opportunities and the challenges in your life quite often bear many hidden gifts. No matter what you are facing, I can guarantee that someone has it worse… and that your “nightmare life” is actually someone else’s dream life. Always look for the “blessing in disguise” in your life… because if you do… you will find them.
  5. You are a winner. – What I know about you is that you are a winner and no different from anyone else who is a winner… Champions are regular people just as you are. When I wrote, Nobody Is Special – Not Even You, that was my tongue-in-cheek way of saying this… if anyone has ever achieved anything, then guess what? So can you!

So there you have it – what I know about you that I know is true… The question is… do you know if too?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 10 August 2016

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