What’s Non-Negotiable In Your Life?

Do you have parts of your life that are non-negotiable? The things that get done no matter what? It could be your diet, exercise, taking care of yourself or even your goals. Many things in your life can and in many cases should be non-negotiable.

There isn’t a whole lot for me that is more non-negotiable than my daily run, especially if I am training for a race. If my schedule forces me to do it then I will get up as early as three or four in the morning to get it done. If a day gets out of control and work goes well past dark, well, that is why headlamps were invented. No matter what, the run happens, it’s non-negotiable.

I would like to believe that for most of us, our goals and aspirations are truly non-negotiable. And not only that, what we are willing to do to achieve those ends is as well. Because the truth is that personal progress and success only happens when you choose to make your goals constructive and non-negotiable.

But not all things that are non-negotiable are positive though, are they?

Go ahead and take a minute to think about what your non-negotiables are. They might surprise you and some of them you might not even be too proud about. (Think bad habits here.) But when you think about the non-negotiable things in you life, look more closely at your actions rather than your thoughts. The truth is that you might care more about donuts rather than losing weight, or care more about not looking like a fool rather than taking chances, or care more about keeping up with the latest trends rather than saving money.

Once you have defined what your non-negotiables are – based on your actions, not your thoughts – you can set about removing or mending the bad ones and adding new positive ones if you feel you need to.

Where you end up in life is largely dependent on what your non-negotiables are. When you look at your day, the things that you absolutely must be done that you do get done are non-negotiable. The other things that don’t get done… well they aren’t that important otherwise you would have done them.

If you find yourself becoming frustrated about things you are not getting done in life then choose to make them non-negotiable and then notice just how quickly your results change.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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