When Something Feels Off

when something feels off We all get that nagging feeling at times when something feels off and we face that decision to keep moving or maybe just bail altogether. Our intuitions are always on-point so when something feels off it is because something IS off.

When Something Feels Off

I have already let the cat out of the bag here… but when something feels off it is because something is off. Our intuition or our gut is the perfect traffic signal that tells us if it is safe to proceed, to speed up or slow down, and sometimes even when to stop.

We all get those kinds of signals, and for all of us, the challenge then lies in do we heed it or not? And quite often, we do not. We allow the mind to overlook these signals and we disregard the warning from within.

Case in point… how many times have you set something down on a table or maybe even an unstable surface and you had that flashing thought, “Sure as anything I am going to knock this over and spill it.” Or maybe even, “that is not going to stay there, it is going to fall over.”

But you put it there anyway…

And usually, what ends up happening?

That was your intuition, your inner-genius as work there and by failing to listen to it; you end up with a mess. Personally, I believe it is a sign of maturity when you have a thought like that but instead of ignoring it you pay attention and put whatever it is… someplace safer… (I say maturity because I am JUST getting to that point myself.)

It is the same as when something feels off – because when something feels off it is time to start making some decisions.

Life is meant to lived downstream and by what I mean by that is that we can really only go with whatever flow that it is that we are in at that moment. Living a life upstream is the opposite where we are constantly fighting the current and “what is” trying to make something (by force) happen that cannot.

And when we are living “upstream” that is usually when something feels off or just everything feels off the most.

I was recently working with another business and the entire time everything felt off for me. And because everything was off I could not do my best, be creative, or really get anything done without struggling. It was definitely an upstream situation… upstream and uphill.

Even then, it took me a few days, even though things were obviously off, to make the decision to go into another direction. I engaged another vendor and voila! Everything fell into step headed downstream exactly the way it should be.

Something felt off because something definitely WAS off…

Trust your gut. Trust your intuition and your inner-genius to guide you, take notice of when things feel off, and really begin to pay attention to what is going on. It doesn’t mean that you have to solve the problem right then but take a moment to inventory the situation that you are in so you can approach it with more insight and knowledge so that you respond rather than react.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten – 26 May 2012

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