When Your Goals Are Unclear

When Your Goals Are UnclearIt is good to have clearly set goals and a sense of direction when it comes to where you want to go in life. However, life isn’t always black and white and absolute so what do you do when your goals are unclear and you are unsure of where you are you are heading?

It is a legitimate question…. What do you do when your goals are unclear or if you don’t necessarily have a grand vision for how you want your life to turn out? Fortunately there is a good answer and that is that it’s “okay” if your sense of direction is a little muddled, actually it is more than just “okay” it’s perfect and here is why…

Goals are awesome. They give us something to focus on move towards, thus propelling us forward. But sometimes (I believe more often than not) our goals, especially the larger goals in life, are not fulfilled because along the way they often lead to other different, bigger, and better goals. And it’s neat how that tends to happen.

Even if you had goals that did not work out, where would you be, or where might you have ended up if you did not set the goal to begin with? I think Bruce Lee summed it perfectly when he said, “A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.”

Goals merely give us something to aim at, but without something specific to aim at, it is best to just aim and focus ahead. It is the same thing when your goals are unclear – just as long as you follow these two rules or principles:

  1. Keep moving forward now matter what!
  2. Always do your best!

When Your Goals Are Unclear

When your goals are unclear, keep moving forward no matter what. Live each day in a manner that will move you forward and get you ahead in life. Take action every day with the faith that although you might not know where you are heading that things are going to turn out awesome in the end regardless. Remember, life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved. Do your best and live life as the awesome mystery that it is and let it unfold accordingly.

And always do your best, especially when your goals are unclear because as long as you are doing your best you are guaranteed to be moving forward be it in your career, your relationships, or just life in general. Do your best and keep plugging along and moving forward.

As long as you do these two things which will give you momentum and move you through life you are guaranteed to end up somewhere and most likely somewhere great. When your goals unclear, it’s okay to press ahead and to keep pressing ahead because by doing that then other goals and opportunities are bound to eventually reveal themselves.

Admittedly, back when I started Tri Peaks Life Coaching, I had some unclear visions as to where I was going and what everything would look like. Sure, I had some goals, and I still do as to how I want it all to work out but to be honest, much of the time I was flying blind and sometimes I still am!

In those moments where my goals were unclear, I had to rely on three things every day (I still do.) I vow everyday to keep moving forward no matter what. If it isn’t getting a new client then it is in learning and honing my skills to help others. I do my best everyday with the intention that when the day is over I did all that I could that day to move both the business and myself forward. Lastly, all of this was done while holding the faith that while the overall picture might be unclear, that in the end, all will be okay… actually better than okay… it will be awesome.

Goals enhance the quality of life. Man needs three things. Something to love, something to do, and something to believe in. Goals give our lives purpose and without purpose, why even get out of bed in the morning? Having a goal focuses you on what you need to do and a worthy goal will be something that you definitely believe in. Goals enable you to be passionate about life and a passionate life is a life well lived.

When your goals are unclear, keep moving forward until you can reach a point where you can set a goal or where you find yourself with newfound opportunities. And if nothing else… when your goals are unclear you can always set the goal of setting your goals. That works too!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten – 22 March 2016

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