Where Is My Castle?

where is my castleI have a relative who is passionate about genealogy and in her research, she discovered that we come from royalty and apparently lots of it. Someone along the line must have screwed up “royally” because where is my castle?

Really, and to be honest I try to not think too much about it, my ne’er-do-well ancestor or ancestors who squandered it all and denied me of what was mine by right of lineage… oh well…

That is just the way life is… we are not all born with the same advantages and starting points. You can focus on the “head-start” that others were born into that you were not and cry that life isn’t fair, and you might even be right, but if you work hard – where you end up is not dependent on where you started from.

Me? I came from rather a humble start myself. So humble in fact that I really try to not think about that too much either. I entered the big-bad world at the age of 18 with a knapsack, $30 dollars, and a dream… many dreams… but most importantly the drive to work hard, kick-butt, and get ahead. And to be clear, I am pretty darned happy with how it all ended up and where I am now….

My “starting point” did not prevent me from finding opportunities, getting an education, traveling, and doing all sorts of neat, fun, wonderful, exciting, adventurous things in life. But that’s just me…

We’ve all seen it… the kid who was born with everything go no-where, or experience what one of my colleagues called at breakfast on Monday, “failure-to-launch.”

And we have all seen the other side of that story, the kid who had NOTHING and who probably had a horrible, miserable, and frightening childhood, grow up and nearly take over the world… Oprah, anyone?

Maybe you too started out “disadvantaged” and maybe a little behind the power curve yourself. Instead of focusing on your lack, whining and asking, “Where is my castle?” Resolve to work smart and believe that you have the power to make your life better, because you do have that power. We all do.

Be grateful for what you have to start with… your happiness, your talent, your intelligence and your passion. Those four things will always carry your far.

Leverage your strengths to your advantage… because everyone has strengths. The hotter the fire the harder the steel… If your beginnings were more challenging than others were, it was probably a great opportunity to discover where your strengths truly are. You could be more creative, more resilient, more insightful, and maybe even more patient.

Most importantly, find your motivation. Strive to work hard and to get ahead but not only for yourself. Work hard for the people you care about (for example, to create opportunities for those “like you” to have an easier start themselves.)

Where is my castle? Well, it’s a long lost part of history (your’s probably is too) and that is fine by me. Who wants an old, drafty, and moldy castle anyway? No matter where you start from, if you choose to use what you have rather than focus on what you don’t, and endeavor to work hard, you are guaranteed to build and create your own castle, your own kingdom, and your very own dynasty.

It’s good to be the King (Or Queen) so go for it!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 05 October 2013


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