Who Is In Your Way?

who is in your wayYesterday I mentioned that as a coach it is my job to help remove roadblocks with my clients. More often than not, the greatest challenge is to just get to client to get of his or her own way, but other times, others present obstacles and roadblocks to deal with.

We are all good at getting in own way from time to time. Most often it is in the form of resistance as we “insist” either actively or passively that we stay well within our comfort zones and refuse to move beyond it.

Other times we get in our own way by sabotaging things ourselves. We sabotage our happiness. We sabotage our confidence, and we even sabotage our relationships by doing bonehead stuff when things are going great.

The best example of when we get in our own ways is when we keep picking at a scab on a healing wound. If you keep picking at it, you only prolong the healing process and might even risk infection. By letting things heal on their own accord and not getting in the way by picking at it, things tend to take care of themselves a lot better.

Yet sometimes, other people get in the way of what we want. The people in our lives serve as an “invisible force” that can either propel us forward or even hold us back.

And it might not even be their fault… if you are fearful of taking action or to do something new, it might be because deep down you are afraid of creating conflict or disappointing someone else.

Then again… Some people are just butt-holes or just toxic who live just to shoot down the dreams of other people. These are typically people whom you should remove from your life altogether or to great lengths to limit their impact in your life.

If you feel like you are being held back, then ask yourself, “Who is in your way?” Is it you, could it be other people, or maybe even a combination of the two?

If you discover it is you who is in the way then examine the behaviors or actions that you engage in that are holding you back. If it is others then consider how to lessen their impact on your goals and dreams… maybe don’t tell EVERYONE what your plans are and only share with those whom you know will support you?

The botttom line is this… don’t let anyone shoot down your dreams, don’t allow anyone to sabotage your success, and especially don’t be the one doing it to yourself!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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