Why Every Success Is Important

every success is importantEvery success is important, not just because of the success itself, but for this reason – confidence.

Yesterday I was following two of my partners up the mountain on snowmobiles. Being new to riding sleds, I have to lean that skill as an absolute beginner.

I am doing okay, but sticking with the other guys on my team is a challenge as my comfort zone does not yet include speed.

But yesterday we were nearly at the top of the mountain and my two partners, instead of continuing up the service road took a right turn and went up this hill. Hill is an understatement because from my perspective it looked like a quarter mile high vertical wall. I stopped and watched their ascent thinking to my self, “You have to be freaking kidding me!”

I watched them ascend that slope and crest over the top from where I had stopped. I knew I had enough distance to build speed before the climb to go up myself but to be honest, I just could not see how a snowmobile/sled could make it up.

Not having any other choice I stood up on the runners, leaned forward, hit the throttle, and took off. I hit the hill with enough speed to keep going and I just kept giving it gas. Before I knew it, I was halfway up and after looking around real quick, I have to admit it didn’t seem all that steep or all that bad. I was making it!

I made it up and over the crest at the top… no problem at all.

This was a success… for starters, I didn’t die, wreck the sled or anything like that. Yay! But it proved to me that every success is important because after climbing that slope, my confidence increased a bit. I’m far from an expert still, but now I have another snowmobiling skill that I have mastered… I have to admit though; I don’t think I am ready to go DOWN that slope yet…

Then it came to me… every success is important, even the littlest ones because with each success, regardless of the size, your confidence will increase as well. More confidence, more risks, more success… it all builds off each other.

What success have you had recently that has helped to build your confidence and what can you do today that could be a success to increase your confidence as well?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 09 November 2015

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