Will You Level-Up In 2015?

You have the opportunity this year to accomplish great things in numerous aspects of your life. Will you finally break those habits that have been limiting your opportunities and achievements in life? In 2015, will you put yourself in situations where you can learn something about yourself and life every day.

Will you take the time this year to figure out what you are passionate about and spend time pursuing those endeavors? Will you strive to make a positive impact to the world and to those around you?

Will you take risks to build the life that you really want? Will you stop acting like a victim and take charge of your life, your thoughts, and your circumstances?

You have to have deliberate thought and follow through with great action in order to level-up this year. Decide what level you want to play at and make it so. Will it be easy? Probably not. But, would you rather continue to play it safe on the sidelines or put your foot down hard on the gas pedal of life and fly on down the road.

This past fall after a long and difficult summer of racing, I had signed up for a trail 10K here in Aspen. Part of me wanted to run it for fun, but as I started to feel better the days before the race, I decided to throw all caution to the wind and run it all out. I imagined it going one of two ways. I would either pull it off and have a solid overall and age-group finish, or I would have an ugly blowup around mile four and go down in a great fireball of glory. Regardless of the outcome I was determine to go all out, and no matter what happened to just have fun.

The first mile was intense and I had to question if I would indeed be able to hold onto that level of effort for the entire race. But, I learned something that morning. What I learned is when it gets hard, hang on and when it gets tougher, hang on even more. Even when it gets easy, push harder. Stick with it, finish, and achieve your goal!

When you look at this year ahead of you, plan to go all out. Commit to push yourself to the next level in your career, your relationships, your business, your health, and in all areas of your life. Level-up your life in 2015.

Go all out and hang on until you finish 2015 as your best year ever.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado


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