Winners Have An Unfair Advantage

Those who win at life seem to be victorious on such a consistent basis that at times it might seem unfair. It’s as if everything they do looks easy and what they accomplish appears to happen with little to no effort.

If you can’t keep your eyes in your own lane and you ponder if others have an unfair advantage when it comes to talent then here are some things to consider. Not every winner depends solely on his or her given talents. In addition, not ever person who has talent is necessarily a winner.

Maybe you see someone who did have an early advantage in life in regards to money, opportunities, and education. It appears that everything that they might have needed was handed to them. If being born into privilege is such an advantage, then how do you explain those who are successful despite their humble beginnings? On the other hand, what about the sad tales of those who were give everything and fail to accomplish anything? Those who become winners in life often do so regardless of having a privileged background or not.

The truth is that winners do have advantages that allow them to succeed and though it might seem unfair, it isn’t. The advantages that winners possess are not exclusively available to them but also available to you if you so choose. The advantage that winners have is their ability to:

  • Maintain a positive attitude in all circumstances. Winners believe they will succeed. Even in the light of setbacks or when an obstacle is encountered, they keep a positive attitude about it and refuse to let it stop them.
  • Bounce back quickly from disappointments. Winners know there will be disappointments and letdowns along the way and manage them in a positive manner. A winner can frame a disappointment in positive light and will recognize that being stuck and focused on disappointment will not move the ball forward in life.
  • Bring their energy and ideas to work every day. Winners love what they do and have a strong sense of purpose in doing it. They are excited about innovation and strive to come up with new ideas and methods to accomplish what ever they set out to do and finish.
  • Do what they are passionate about and skilled at. If there were one unfair advantage that winners have in life, this would be it. Winners have it figured out when it comes to what they are both good at and passionate about. The insight winners have into this, and their singular focus, allows them to channel their passions into doing what they are naturally skilled at doing. To put it simply, winners are ecstatic in their chosen work and pursuits.
  • Set massive goals and work relentlessly towards achieving them. The person who sets goals in life will always have an advantage over those who fail to do so. Those who set goals that are larger than life and seem overly ambitious or even borderline impossible are the ones who go the furthest. As Les Brown said, “Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars.”
  • Find ways to help others around them to succeed. Winners understand that a rising tide lifts all boats. They are excited and passionate about the success of others as well as their own as they understand that the best way to help ensure their success is by helping others to achieve.

The results that winners achieve sometimes do look as if they were borne of unfair advantages but that is hardly so. Everyone has access to these attributes, even you… if you choose to follow them yourself. It isn’t a question of if advantages are unfair, it is a question of if you will do whatever it takes to put those advantages in your favor or not?

What are you willing to do to put the advantages and odds in your favor?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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