Write Down Your Goals

write down your goalsA couple of weeks ago during a television interview the host of the show asked me if I believed it were important to write down your goals. My reply was a definite “yes” and this is why…

At first, I joked with Erik the host about it saying that at my age it important for me to write down my goals, as I can tend to forget things now and then. I was joking but there was some truth to it. Okay, a lot of truth to it as last year I had an occasion where I came up with three awesome goals on Saturday but I failed to write them down. When I tried to write them down on Sunday, the day after, I struggled a bit, as I had to think rather hard to remember each of the three goals and the specific details of each goal.

There are other reasons for writing out your goals. When you transfer a goal from inside the mind and physically bring it into “this world” by writing it on paper it now exists as a physical thing, not just a blip in your mind. Now that it is real and on paper, you can look at it daily or twice a day to help to keep you on track.

I always suggest taking it a step further when you write down your goals and after writing the goal, don’t forget to write out your reasons for setting the goal in the first place. What are the benefits if you achieve it? What are the consequences if you don’t? When you take the time to write out the costs and the benefits of a goal, this allows you to get leverage on yourself and motivates you to follow through with action. Remember, the reasons for the goal are typically more powerful than the goal itself.

When you write down your goals, you also have something that you can view once or twice a day to keep that goal fresh in your mind. The bigger the goal, the more times you should probably review it each day as well.

Having your goals written out helps you to focus on what you want, helps you achieve more, narrows your attention, leads to more effort and action, and can foster improved pride and self-confidence as you work towards that goal.

Write down your goals, make them real and go after them. It will also go a long ways to prevent you from a) forgetting the goal, and b) straining to remember what it was in the first place when you finally do get around to writing them down. Always write down your goals!

You can watch the reset of the interview here…

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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