You Always Have Options

you always have optionsYou always have options, even in the best or in the worst situations, you always have options. Sure, some of the choices, decisions, or actions that you can take may difficult but they do exist, they are there.

There is always a great difference between what you “can do” versus “what you are willing to do” or “what you are comfortable doing.” Most of us consider ourselves out of options once we have “done everything that we can” that is well within our comfort zone and the problem with that is that the new options that you probably need in life are outside of that and well beyond your comfort zone.

When you rely on what you have always done, the way that you have always done it, then you are going to keep creating the same result. If you want different results in life then you had better get comfortable reaching beyond what is comfortable and exercising your options that are “out there.”

You Always Have Options

Let us say for instance that your life is NOT working and it is not working on a colossal scale. And I mean nothing works… your job sucks, your career is completely dead… your relationships (if you even have one) are entirely dysfunctional and you feel more alone when you are with the other person than you do without them. Maybe you are flat broke or so far into debt that you can never see your finances ever being in the black ever again.

Did I leave anything out? That is a dismal picture of life right there and I am sure that there are many who are in similar situations or worse but they DO have options. You always have options and even in a nightmare scenario as I described there are always ways out… ways to a better life… you just have to be willing to do whatever it takes to make things better and extend your reach beyond the old ways and grasp the distant handholds to pull yourself up by.

When I finished my first Leadville Trail 100 Run, my coach was there at mile 60. I was behind schedule and dangerously close to not being able to finish the race as being pulled off the course for not making the cutoff times further on seemed very likely. It was only a race but a rather grim place to be.

As I was leaving the mile 60 aid station my coach pulled me aside and quietly told me, “You CAN do this and you CAN finish but you are going to have to be willing to really hurt yourself to get it done.” Translation; I had to do things I never ever considered even possible before and put myself so far outside of my comfort zone and be willing to do “whatever it would take” to finish but I could finish… and I did.

Huge life lesson there for me.

You always have choices to make… even if they are difficult ones. And more often than not it the difficult decision and the action based from that decision that ultimately propels you forward.

You always have options because I can guarantee there are always solutions and ideas that you have not even thought of yet. This is why getting a fresh perspective from someone else is always so valuable. You always have the option of enlisting someone else to help you.

Anymore I have come to believe that life’s challenges for the most part are really opportunities in disguise. Crisis breeds opportunities and even in a “worst case scenario” and being forced to start over from scratch, and isn’t that in and of itself often an opportunity of the best kind? Keep digging, keep turning over stones until you find the best solution.

As long as you have your imagination, your resourcefulness, and your problem solving skills you always have options regardless of if you can see them or not.

And lastly… this is the most important thing as far as I am concerned… as long as you have your sense of humor… you always have options… always.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 03 July 2009

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