You Are A Genius!

When you hear the word “genius,” what names pop into your head? Einstein? Hawking? Edison? But how often do you think of yourself as a genius?

If I had to guess, most of you don’t consider yourselves geniuses, but trust me on this, you are.

I often refer to intuition, instinct, and trusting your gut, and in each of these cases, what I am referring to is your inner-genius. If you don’t believe you have an inner-genius then I challenge you take a look back at all of the decisions and actions that you have taken in life to get you to exactly where you are today. You may have made decisions or taken action towards things that are more external in nature, and there are probably many cases where you may have made smaller and less obvious shifts that dictated your course. Those smaller or maybe even larger unplanned shifts are examples of your inner-genius at work.

Admittedly, I have made some MAJOR bone-head moves in my life, and not only that, there have been many of them as well. But in each case, without fail, I always came out on the other side in a place where I feel that I was meant to be. My path in life would be altered beyond what I expected it to be. And it would be during those alternate paths that I met new people, became exposed to new opportunities, and gained insights that I otherwise would not have experienced unless my inner-genius or wisdom had not taken over the wheel every once in awhile.

While the monkey-mind can be loud, obnoxious, and distracting, your inner-genius is usually less obvious and more subtle… but it is there. It guides more by feel and instinct. It is that “instant click” that you sense when you meet someone new who is to become influential in your life in some way or another. It is that little rumbling or urge to take that next step whether it is to apply for that new job, to ask for that date, or to maybe even go somewhere rather unexpected for reasons that you might not quite understand. It is that little voice which assures you that even if you take a risk, that in the end, everything will be just fine. That is your inner-genius… your inner-wisdom in action. Even if you don’t recognize it or see it in that moment, it’s there.

There is a part of you that has purpose and a calling that you probably know deep down. It is that feeling that you are ultimately here to do something. You might not even want to face it or even acknowledge it, especially if it goes against what you are taught or told what is normal or not to do in life. But the truth is that you really do know, and that is your inner-genius doing it’s thing and wanting to express itself, while also guiding you to do what you are truly here for. It leads you to every circumstance, person, place, thing, idea and event that happens in your life; inspiring and moving you to act for the greater good, not only for yourself but also for the benefit of the world around you.

You are a genius! Accept it, own it, and be proud of that. Use your inner-genius to give you the courage, strength, and the attitude that you need to overcome any challenges that you might face in life. Trust in it and allow it to propel you to the greatness you are meant for. It is always there and it is always available for you to use if choose to embrace it and more importantly, trust in it.

How often do you see and recognize the genius within yourself? Can you recall a time or times in your life when your genius was at work and you might not have even realized it? Can you see the genius in everyone around you?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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