You Can Bend Or You Can Break

Life happens and as a part of life, not everything is going to go your way. Living requires a certain degree of flexibility, you can bend or you can break, and sometimes you have to let go of your planned life in order to live out an even more awesome life as it unfolds.

Probably the most important part of “being flexible” and being able to bend is to simply realize that things happen and when they do, don’t take things personally, or believe they really happened “to you.” As one of my best friends used to say, “Things never happen to you… they just happen, period.”

Even the most challenging moments in life have the potential to transform us, one way or the other. Inevitably, it is up to you choose which way you are going view it. No doubt, the things that happen in life can change you but you don’t have allow yourself to be reduced by it either. As another good friend recently told me, “The difference between an adventure and an ordeal all lies within your perspective of the situation and how you choose to view it.”

I tend to prefer to view setbacks and disappointments, or even major cataclysmic life events as opportunities or at least doorways to opportunities rather than seeing them as permanent defeats. For me, one of the best times for figuring out who I was what I really wanted out of life was born of such moments when it really seemed there was nothing else to lose. Ground zero can be an awesome place to start from if you allow to be so.

You can break under the weight of a struggle or you can bend and work with it; and the more arduous the struggle, the sweeter the victory typically is. It is the most successful ones who can smile in the face of adversity, and even gain strength from it, and then grow as a result.

And don’t worry… just as you successfully negotiate one set of obstacles, life will inevitably surprise you again… with more… in some unimaginable way. And when the new challenges arrive, bend, don’t break! Be flexible and take comfort in knowing that you are not  irrevocably stuck with the way things are because you aren’t. Life changes from moment to moment, and if you are flexible, if you can bend and not break, so can you.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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