You Need Deliberate Action

Not all action is equal and there is a great difference between “activity” and “action.” You can be as busy as you can stand doing things but that does not mean you are not bored or that you are making any progress. The only real action is “deliberate action.”

What is deliberate action? It is hard to fully define but I will explain it as any action that you have to “think” about committing to while also realizing there could be great profit and or risk depending on how things go, one way or the other.

It is different from half-hearted action or busy work where you “think” you are doing something but in reality, you are just doing enough to either look busy, or to trick yourself into thinking you are doing something worthwhile.

Deliberate action can and should feel a little scary once you commit to it and put things into motion.

Yesterday I wrote a very large check which is an investment if you will into my business. For me, it equals a month’s salary. But as I said, I see it as an investment. Writing that check and handing it over to the clerk is a great example of deliberate action. I did something, and there is the potential for HUGE impact, both in the positive AND the negative. The positive is that my business can grow and benefit and the downside is that I blew a month’s worth of income and finances become sketchy for a bit. Was it a bit scary? Yes, it was, and that is how I know that what I was committing to is and was deliberate action.

How much of the “action” in your life happens but the reality is that you are actually asleep at the wheel and just on autopilot? We work, we pay our bills, and consume, as we perceive society dictates us to do. Lost long ago are the dreams, desires and hopes for our lives. Somewhere along the line, the lights stayed on but we checked out, only to do the same things day in and day out which is the exact opposite of deliberate action.

All of the unconscious action in life ends up leading to creating our lives by default and we just take what we can get and go along with that. It is living life by the path of least resistance, where we just resign ourselves to the status quo and then not initiate any action for change. If a decision is never made to take deliberate action then nothing will ever change.

Commit to your actions, especially the bigger and scarier ones. If your reality isn’t what you’d like it to be on all fronts yet, it’s okay, commit to greater action and commit to deliberate action. Keep focused and decide what you really want for yourself through your thoughts and emotions and let THAT be what leads you to taking massive and deliberate action in your life.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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