You Only Have Two Gears

You only have two gears Unless you are stuck in life, you only have two gears – two directions in which you are moving… you are going forward or you are going backwards. That is the sum total… stuck, reverse, or forward.

You Only Have Two Gears

You only have two gears as I said, forward and reverse. Everything that you think, everything that you do, and everything that you say matters because it is moving you in one direction or the other, forward or backwards as there isn’t a thing we do or say that is neutral.

Every time you say, “I can’t do this” you are moving further away from your goal. Conversely, every time that you say, “I got this” you are more than likely moving forward or at least will be shortly.

Your actions fall into the same category and god knows this is something that I am constantly going on about with my clients… before you do anything (and even say anything in some instances) stop and ask yourself, “will doing (or saying) this move me closer to my goal or what I want or will it move me further away?”

Sitting on your butt watching TV for an extra 30 minutes or playing on the computer a bit longer might not seem like such a big deal but what if you used those 30 minutes to talk to your partner or maybe hang out with your kids? What if you used those 30 minutes to workout just a little more, what kind of impact might that have?

This principle certainly applies to the BIG THINGS in life but what I am trying to convey to you is that it is the smaller, less noticeable, and subtle things that we do (say) and do not typically pay much attention to that twists us up in the end. It is our small automatic habits that ultimately decide the direction of our lives.

It’s the little things that matter the most and those are the things that dictate if you are moving forward or backwards in life. You only have two gears so the next time you have a moment to think about what it is you are about to say or do, ask yourself which direction will it more than likely move you?

“Any decision I make is the biggest decision of my life.” – Carmelo Anthony

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 28 June 2015

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