Your Attitude Determines Everything

There are three kinds of people in this world when it comes to attitude. You have those who are forever stuck on the ground, those who spend their time both in flight and on the ground, and then you have the high fliers. In each of these cases, their chosen attitudes in life determines the altitudes at which they operate.

The first group, the groundlings, are the ones that complain about everything. If they are unhappy in their job, they blame the economy, insisting that they can not find anything better.

This group not only fears changes in life, they are also threatened by any changes whatsoever and will resist anything new with all of their might. Their number one goal is just to make it through the day, the week, the month, the year…

Groundlings are easy to spot as they walk around with their shoulders slumped and their head down most of the time and when anything in life gets to be even remotely challenging, they give up. And when things do go wrong, they are quick to always blame someone else.

Groundlings never try to learn anything new, as they believe that they have learned all that they need to and perhaps all that they can.

The second group is slightly more optimistic spending as much time in the air as they do on the ground. They are somewhat satisfied with their lot in life and what they have achieved so far.

These mid-flighters are mostly liked by those around them and are careful not to offend anyone. But that fear of letting people down or taking risks limits their options in life. They know they can do more but can not allow themselves to become risk-adverse enough to  initiate any great changes in their lives.

In the office, they are easy to recognize as they are hard workers who keep their heads down to get the job done. However, at the end of the day they prefer to quietly go home. They like to be part of a team; but will shy away from any opportunities that could make them stand out above the rest.

Mid-flighters have more goals and aspirations than groundlings, but they are not grand nor or are they inspired by them.

The third group is made of high-fliers. They live life with enthusiasm and have a lot of energy. They see opportunity to do great work in every chance they get. For them challenges are just that, challenges, and they push though every one that they encounter.

High-fliers are always on the lookout for ways to upgrade their skills, as they are always ambitious and have lofty goals for themselves.

But what makes this group so unique besides their great attitudes is that they are constantly trying to inspire and motivate those around them.

Each of these groups has a different attitude to life and each one of these groups has chosen that attitude.

Which group are you in?

If you want a better life than the one you have now, remember… Your attitude determines everything! Choose wisely!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado


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