Your Decisions Are Your Destiny

If you want your life to become better… or if you want to actually make it worse, then it comes down to the decisions that you make and how you make them; because in the end… your decisions are your destiny.

I had someone ask me the other day as to why I thought they never got married. At first, I complicated the question by looking at where the person lived, the available dating pool for partners, time and energy taken up their chosen career, and so on. I believed that by looking at all of those different variables I could come up with a good reason or excuse for their perpetual state of being single.

Then I thought about it some more and the answer was obvious in the end. The reason you never got married… You didn’t want to!

The expectation of getting married someday may have always been there, or the desire to get married, or as some people say, “I’d like to get married someday,” but until it is a clear goal, or intention, or want, it could happen but the likelihood of it happening is slim.

Why is your life and your destiny shaping up the way it is? It is because of the decisions that you have made, good or bad, and in some cases due to the decision that you refused or declined to make. I used the marriage example above but it can be applied to so many other things:

  • Why didn’t you make better grades in high school?
  • Why didn’t you go to college, and if you did, why did you not do well?
  • Why aren’t you working in a fabulous career?
  • Why are you not in a healthy and supportive relationship?
  • Why are you not taking better care of your health?
  • Why aren’t you happier?

The answers to all of these questions fall into the realms of you didn’t want to, you didn’t want to be, or you don’t want to be. Your decisions are your destiny and until you decide that you really want something how can it manifest itself in your life?

If you want a new job, make that decision and based on that decision start taking action. It might take a bit to find it but I can guarantee that it will never happen until you decide to make it so. If you are unhappy in your job and choose to do nothing about it, well, you can sort out your future and destiny quite easily then… nothing will change and you will be just as unhappy, if not more, a year from now doing the same thing.

Your decisions are your destiny so take an active role in making the best decisions based on what you want in your life. It takes time, it takes attention, and sometimes you have to forgo the short-term win for the longer-term championship. But it is a skill that you can learn and master. When faced with those types of choices, I always ask myself this… “Will this take me further away or move me closer to my goal or objective?” If you can apply that question to your decisions, I promise you will see different outcomes and a new and more positive future will unfold for you.

Do you believe your decisions are you destiny? Is there anything “back there” that you can look at and identify that things didn’t turn out so well simply because you really didn’t want to?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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