Your Greatest Weakness As Your Greatest Strength

your greatest weakness as your greatest strengthNobody will remember me as a great philosopher, and I don’t consider myself to really be one either but I do contemplate a lot of things that I just refer to as the universal truths of life. And one of those truths, if you will, is that in this life – it is crucial to learn how to use your greatest weakness as your greatest strength.

It’s something that I was thinking a lot about this past weekend. That ultimately each of us, for the most part, has some sort of weakness or flaw… it could be something in our personalities, it could be our default mindset, addiction or addictions… anything. Each of us has something that we must learn to overcome and manage, lest it overcome and manage us.

But that’s not the end of it… just “managing it.” That is not enough. In order to master life it is important to be able to exploit your weakness in such a manner to be able to derive power from it. To be able to utilize your greatest weakness as your greatest strength – not only to help yourself but to help others as well.

Your Greatest Weakness As Your Greatest Strength

In my life, I have dealt with what I would call an abundance of catastrophic loss. (Sounds overly dramatic, I know, but it does point to a theme in my life – or in my past life.) And one of my weaknesses if you will is actually my inability to mange loss or change really at any level. Dealing with loss, dealing with change, it’s something that I have never really been good at. Honestly!

We can call that my greatest weakness… or at least one of them!

So where is the upside? If that is my greatest weakness in life then how did I manage to turn that into my greatest strength? In turn, how was I able to parlay that strength from that weakness into the source of so many of my successes in life?

Part of it is perspective I guess…. Everything that I am now is the result of who I once was and everything that has happened. All of those losses and endings were actually new beginnings and new opportunities that I only had to be willing to see and to take on.

Learning how to carry the pain and the discomfort from loss has taught me to carry the pain and discomfort of everything else in life, from running 100 miles at a time, to being steadfast and suffering the roller coaster of being an entrepreneur at times.

My greatest weakness turned into my greatest strength because by mastering it I learned how to live life on life’s terms and to accept that things come… and things go… that life ebbs and flows, and that it is not enough to merely be flexible to it all… I must also joyfully expect, accept, and welcome those changes (or losses) as well.

But that is just me… think for a second of the addict in recovery who has taken his or her weakness and is now able to live a strong and stable life in spite of it. And not only that, they in turn, living by example, are able to lead and to help others who may be suffering the same plight. Their weakness or addiction if you will could have pulled their life down, but in the end, they chose and decided to conquer it instead, and to rise above.

Your greatest weakness as your greatest strength… it’s probably important to know what your weakness is to begin with and to attain that level of awareness but past that then it is up to you to transmute that weakness into strength; To use it to your advantage rather than focus on it being a disadvantage. To overcome versus being defeated…

What about you? Have you any weakness that you have learned to exploit to your benefit or the benefit of others? By having to overcome something within yourself, have you found yourself to be stronger? Do you believe that it is even possible to change and to have your greatest weakness as your greatest strength, and for you, what might that be?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten – 05 November 2015

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