Your Past Is Not Your Present

Your past is not your presentYour past is just that – your past. Your past is not your present even though you might believe that it is. Who you were and what you might have done does not necessarily equate to who you are now.

Your Past Is Not Your Present

For most of us, the majority of our limiting beliefs about ourselves are rooted in and borne of our pasts. Maybe it is from someone influential such as our parents telling us that were not good enough, or not talented enough, or maybe not smart enough to do what we might want to do in life.

Maybe we have a jaundiced view of the opposite sex and relationships because we were jilted, dumped, or maybe not treated so nicely in the past by a partner. While everyone plays his or her part in the demise of a relationship, just because one relationship ended for a specific reason or the other it does not meant that the next or all others will follow suit.

Your past is not your present and there is a huge difference between something you might have done, especially something that you are not proud of, and who you are or who you are being right now, especially if you are taking measures to clean up your mess.

This actually happened to me once and while I won’t go into details, I was personally devastated by what I had done. Because what had happened in the past, and what I had done, I had tied that completely to my self-identity and self-image of what was then my present. Thank goodness there was someone in my life kind-hearted enough to point that difference out to me, that while I had done something completely boneheaded… it was something that I had done… not who I was, and that I was still a good person who still had value, now.

When it comes to failures in life, and times when we “didn’t make it” are just prime examples of what may be limiting our perception of what is possible or not. Your past is not your present and just because you fell short or failed before, it does not guarantee that today or tomorrow will be the same. This is exactly why letting go of failure is to important.

And just how accurate is our recollection of the past anyway? Really? To a very large degree, I tend to believe our pasts are fictitious anyway. Think about it… when we remember things in the past we tend to rewrite history or at least recall it in a way where we remember the good and not so much the bad.

But just as we can have selective memory biased towards the good, when it comes to limiting beliefs we tend to just as easily focus on the negative. The bottom line is this… if you are willing to learn, to grow, to evolve, to try to do things differently than you did before in pursuit of a goal or result, then your pasts results do not indicate the results you might experience today or tomorrow.

Your past is not your present and if you didn’t do so great in your past then today is the day for you to do your best. And guess what? Tomorrow is another day to do your best as well, for as long as you do your best, and know that you did, things will turn out okay.

Let go of the past as it isn’t your present. And as Eckhart Tolle said, and I agree 100%, “Die to the past every moment. Only refer to it when it is absolutely relevant to the present.”

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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