Your Success Will Never Exceed Your Dreams

What is your success to dreams ratio? Your success will never outpace your dreams so if you are going to dream, make them grand.

Anyone who has ever achieved extraordinary success in life has had bold ambition, challenging goals, and big dreams.

Bill Gates dreamed of a PC on every desk. Martin Luther King dreamed of people from all races living in peace and harmony. Sir Edmund Hillary’s goal was to be the first to climb Mt. Everest. These things are more commonplace today but when these dreamers came up with these visions, their ideas seemed improbably to many if not most.

To break out of mediocrity and to live a life of significance, big dreams are necessary in order to excite you, to motivate you, inspire you and to move you into taking action. And not everyone with big dreams takes action towards them. There are many who only dream and in the end that is all they have is dreams.

Not that everyone with big dreams will ever fully achieve them in their lifetimes either. After Martin Luther King was assassinated, there was still a long way to go to make his dream a reality and to be honest, we are still on the road to fulfilling his dream and vision of complete social harmony.

When you dreams are big enough you are compelled and inspired to see them through regardless of the challenges presented. There will always be critics and naysayers, and you might even have self-doubts, but the bigger the dream, the more immune you will be to the criticisms of others and even of your own.

One thing is certain, and that is that small dreams will only inspire and create small results and not a whole lot else.

It is the opposite of the old metaphor for when shooting at a target, “Aim small, miss small.” Dream big… succeed big! So if you want to live a life of significance make your dreams bigger than life itself.

Even better, dream huge, perhaps even as grand as seeming impossible.

Because your successes will never exceed your dreams, but they certainly can be limited by them.

What are you dreaming of achieving? What is your dream to success ratio?

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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